stop aborting your BABIES


“Several years ago, when 17,000 aborted babies were found in a dumpster outside a pathology laboratory in Los, Angeles, California, some 12 – 15,000 were observed to be black.”
–Erma Clardy Craven
Social Worker and Civil Rights Leader

Where have all the black babies gone? This was what I had begun to wonder when I began thinking about how many thousands of slaves there once were in our country. In some states blacks once outnumbered whites. Statistically there should be a much higher percentage of blacks today than there currently are. Where are they? Why is there an actual decrease in the black population in direct proportion to the rest of the population? Abortion.

According to, on average, 1,876 black babies are aborted every day in the United States. That is approximately 684,740 black babies a year. According to the Centers for Disease Control black women continue to have the highest abortion rate of any ethnic group, with a gruesome 483 abortions for every 1,000 live births.

This means that almost 50% of all black baby boys and girls are being killed – by their moms.

According to LifeSiteNews, New York City’s Department of Health reported that in 2012, more black babies were aborted (31,328) than born (24,758). That’s 55.9 percent of black babies killed before birth. Blacks represented 42.4 percent of all abortions.

What is happening? Why blacks? What has brought this race to destroy it’s own precious children? After praying about this for many years I believe that there is an answer. Africans were brought to this country as slaves. When they were on plantations their families were torn apart. A father would be sold to another plantation, a child sold to another farm, the mother having to fend for herself and her remaining children in a foreign land. Time after time the family was fragmented. With this type of hardship came much heartache, mistrust and abuse. 

With any fragmented family there is a much higher incidence of domestic abuse. The stress and strain of trying to keep a family together puts much duress on the single parent – thus a much higher rate of child abuse. Abuse begets abuse. Plantation owner abuses parents, parents abuse their children. Life is no longer valued. Darkness begets darkness.

Fast forward several generations. What has the black population struggled with for the last 200 years? Fragmented families, high divorce rate, domestic abuse, child abuse, sexual abuse, crime and abortion. How to value another life must be modeled. We can only become loving, caring parents when that is modeled by our own parents. Much of the black population has yet to see an intact, healthy family modeled for them. A fragmented family produces abuse. Life is not valued and precious. Thus abuse begets abortion.

This may be a simplistic mindset of the problem, yet I do believe this is the core of the high abortion rate for blacks in America. Many blacks do not know how to value one another. Many blacks do not know how precious life is. Many blacks do not understand that all life is precious, their own and that of the baby in their womb.

If the number of tiny black babies were allowed to live we could build many new cities with just these children.

Abortion was developed by the founder Margaret Sanger who said “We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population This is working perfectly. Abortion is Satan’s tool to exterminate babies that could have grown up to be amazing men and women of God.

The Word of God says “Thou shalt not Kill.” This is a command. It doesn’t make for excuses. It doesn’t say that it’s ok to kill if you really didn’t want the baby, or you were raped, or it wasn’t the right timing, or you didn’t mean to get pregnant, or you don’t have the finances – it just says don’t kill that precious baby in your womb.

If you have taken the life of your baby through abortion there is forgiveness. Begin now. Repent. Get right with God. When you are sincerely sorry for what you have done there is complete and total forgiveness. Please read my prayer for when you have had an abortion  Go and never do this again.

One day you will give account of all that you have done. If you abort your baby you will stand in judgement before God for murder of a child. If you  don’t want the baby carry it to term and give it up for adoption. There are thousands of families that would love to raise your child. Just don’t murder it before it has a chance. 

5 thoughts on “stop aborting your BABIES

  1. All I can say is “Wow”! I’m an African American Christian woman, who has enjoyed several of your articles and prayers. However, I am very offended and hurt by this post. I realize that having an abortion is a sin. I would not have been offended nor hurt if your post would have just been about girls of all races getting abortions. However, the fact that you wrote the article about black girls is what’s offensive to me. Black girls are not the only race that gets abortions. Even if black girls get an abortion at higher rates than other races, the article is still offensive.

    Rhonda C


    • Rhonda, the article was not written to offend, it was written to grab the attention of a group of women who have a higher abortion rate than other races. Yes, you are correct in saying all women of all races get abortions, this is true. But what I am trying to do is call African American women to awaken to the horrors of what is happening.

      • I, too, am African-American and was taken aback by the article. It would have been better if you did NOT specifically address it to Black women and girls. As of late, And what makes you think that the data that are referencing is 100% correct anyway?? For the past year, I think your postings have become erratic and that there are some topics you really need to stay away from. This is one of those topics. Unless you have years of concrete data to speak on a topic as sensitive as this, you need not use this platform to speak on certain matters that do not necessarily reflect the purpose of your ministry. I don’t see someone like Jennifer LeClaire aiming an entire article at one race/gender. Tasteless to say the least.

      • You know, I read this article yesterday morning and as an African-American woman, I was also taken aback. I decided to wait a day to leave comment. First off, if you are going to write an article about abortion, that’s okay, but to specifically target an entire race/gender of people is unacceptable. You could have simply stated statistical data in the article and let that data speak for itself. Secondlly, who says that you have the most accurrate data anyway? Have you studied this for the last two or three decades to be bold enough to write this article with such a vengence? I highly doubt it. I have noticed that your postings have been erractic for the last year or so. There are times when you seem a little cooky. With that being said, I know longer choose subscribe to your emails. There was a time when I think you were on point, but now your writing seems to be on a whim and addressing random things that really should be left to a private conversation. And lets get one thing straight, I am not a person that jumps on the race bandwagon either, but I have passed by abortion clinics and seen all shades of women going in. At one point, my job was in the same building as an abortion clinic. As a writer, you have to very careful about what you put out there.

      • This data is all taken from professional and accurate sources. Tiny babies hands and feet are being ripped from them and you are offended? That is very sad. I am praying that you will see there are more important things than how “you feel.” Yes, all shades of women do get abortions – but I am addressing a disturbing statistic here – why are you so offended with truth? When we are “easily offended” the Word of God tells us this is sin.

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