Pornography is a DEMON


I have had many people ask if pornography is a demon.  The answer is unequivocally YES. Any pictures of people having sex is immoral, sinful and wrong. The root of all porn is demonic. There is no good that comes from porn. Porn destroys women, children, men, families, homes.  It breaks down all trust between people. It is a sin before God and opens the door to the demonic realm.  Satan is the father of porn. Satan loves porn because it degrades women and children.

Satan birthed porn in the darkest pit of hell. When porn began it was a powerful plan to destroy the minds of men and women. Porn was developed to break up families – this plan is succeeding. Satan hates families. Families represent Christ who is the head of all families. Satan particularly hates Christian families.

Satanist fast and pray for the breakup of Christian families. Satanist derive their power from Satan.  Satanist desire to fulfill Satan’s desires. Christian families are the one entity that can stop Satanists. They see Christians as the enemy. Satanist specifically fast and pray that Christian men and women will become addicted to porn so that the Christian home will be destroyed. The plan is working.

Millions of Christians marriages have broken up due to porn. This makes Satan smile. This makes Satanist jump for joy. Yet, many Christians are watching porn and not even aware.

What is porn? Porn is watching, reading or viewing ANY kind of sexuality between two people. This means that many movies that are rated PG-13 have porn in them.  You have just become accustomed to watching it. You no longer flinch when a naked scene comes on the screen, you no longer are disturbed to see two gay men kissing, it no longer troubles you to see two people in bed.  When did your heart become so hard? It has slowly become desensitized. What you thought was “normal” is actually porn. Sin is at your doorstep.

Jesus is calling us to holiness. He said in Matthew that if we call ourselves Christians but do not OBEY his commandments we will never enter into heaven. Remove the porn from your heart. Remove it from your living room. Remove it from your family. It is not worth your soul.

“Lord, show us the porn in our lives. Today give us the courage to cleanse our homes and lives lest it cost us our marriages, our families and our souls.”    In Jesus name I pray.   amen

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