Inner Mediation for a Restful Nights Sleep


Close your eyes, take 3 long, deep breaths. Allow your body to feel the cool, restful air flowing gently into your chest. As you continue to breathe let all thoughts, cares, concerns and worries leave with each breath. Let each breath bring a slower, deeper sense of peace as you breathe in peace and tranquility.

Continue with long, healing breaths. Release fears, worries, judgements, expectations and concerns. This is the moment Christ has created for you to rest and find repose. Christ gives us this time of day to relinquish all cares and concerns. This is your time to settle down, quiet your heart and mind and find comfort for your soul. God has given you this time to heal and rest……… Let your body begin to sink into a comfortable position. Let your eyes soften, releasing all tension. Allow your forehead to relax, resting, sagging. Allow your jaw to drop, loose, it feels disjointed, soft. Relax.

Allow your shoulders to drop, sagging, relaxed, releasing all tension. Your chest is now relaxed, sagging, free of all tension, just quietly breathing, peaceful. Your stomach is loose, relaxed, peaceful. Your arms and hands are soft, sinking into restfulness, all tension is leaving, quietness overcomes your limbs. Let your legs sink into restfulness, muscles loose, all tension now leaving, your knees are loose, disjointed, soft and rested. Your feet are loose, calm, each toe, (start counting 5 times on each…1st toe, restful, restful, restful, restful, restful. 2nd toe, restful….) restful. Your mind and body are at rest with yourself.

As you continue peaceful breathing begin to see a warm light radiating at the top of your head, let it settle there. This is God’s perfect love for you. Each time God’s love touches any part of our mind or body it drives away all fear, all cares, all pain, all infirmities and all worries. Let this light now begin to flow quietly, gently through your body, starting at the crown of your head, flowing gently through your arms, torso, legs and feet. Continue to see this slow process over and over. Warm healing light. This if God’s love. This is God’s healing.

You were created for perfect sleep. You can now rest in the knowledge of God’s will for you to sleep peacefully, deeply, fully, wonderfully. Each breath you take reminds you of the miracle that you are. Each breath reminds you that it is now time to sleep, to relinquish and to repose. You don’t have to think of sleep, sleep comes to you……(9x). It is only your place to rest and breath, to trust and to rest.

Anytime during the night that you might awaken you can smile knowing this is only temporary. You will sleep once again, sleep always comes, just settle into your breathing and thoughts of white light. Begin to count to five “restfuls” on each finger (restful, restful,…) and then move to each toe (restful…). If you lose track you can quietly begin again. Each time you do this you are reminding yourself that each part of you deserves to be loved and affirmed and restful. As you count you are amazed at the beautiful and amazing creation of God that you are. You are sleepy. You are rested. You are sleepy. You are quietly falling asleep. All is well. Rest in God’s perfect love for you. Sleep in peace beloved. Sleep.

Hit the play button. Listen to the restful music. Begin to take your deep breaths. Read this meditation out loud or to yourself or a person you are helping to get to sleep. When you see a “9X” or any other number by an X that indicates that you will speak that phrase 9 times, or whatever the number is. This meditation is to be read very slowly. It will help you to go to sleep and will keep you asleep. It can be read over and over until you or the other person falls asleep.  Blessings. 

5 thoughts on “Inner Mediation for a Restful Nights Sleep

  1. Dear Jackie. Your teachings has helped me such a lot. I recently got divorced because my husband committed adultery. I am still very heartbroken because of all that happened because I have lost such a lot. I even had to split my children because I did not know anyone who could give us all a place to live together. My ex- husband( George) now is so cold towards me and just sees this other woman and he believes he is so madly in love with her. I use my solitary time to read God’s word, fasting and prayer. I don’t even have a job at this moment but I have faith that God will restore my family. Please pray for my family and I. Thank you. With Christian Love. Please pray for my family and I. Thank you. With Christian Love. Heidi

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