This is Why You are Having Homosexual or Lesbian Dreams


Are you having homosexual or lesbian dreams or thoughts? Are you wondering where they are coming from? Do they make you feel dirty? How can you stop them? If you are a born again believer all these questions are troubling when you are trying your best at staying pure.

Obviously answer if you have looked at any TV shows, movies or literature that talks about the gay lifestyle, even if you even glance at these out of curiosity then you have opened the door for the enemy to plant perverted thoughts into your head.

But a lot of believers are living a pure life and wonder how these thoughts come in. Here is the answer – we live in a very perverted world. Just by standing in line at the grocery store you can glance at a magazine and an image or word can be stuck in your brain.

Everything you see becomes a part of you. This is so important to remember. That means something you looked at 30 years ago is still there in your brain. So how do you remove all the wrong thoughts so that you no longer think those thoughts? First, if you haven’t already repented then it’s time to ask forgiveness for being involved with impure books, movies, internet and any other type of porn. If you have truly repented then ask God to wash your sins under the powerful blood of Jesus. Next, begin to take authority over the wrong thoughts. Rebuke them. Tell those demonic dreams to leave in Jesus name and keep doing it until you no longer have them.

If you haven’t had any impure involvements and you are having these dreams then it is simply Satan attacking your mind. He wants you to begin to believe that you are a lesbian or a homosexual. He plants demonic seeds of perversion while your mind is at sleep. Then you begin to be confused if these thoughts are really you or if they are just demonic. They are always demonic.

As soon as you have a perverted dream call it out – say “Satan, these thoughts are demonic. They are not of God and they don’t belong to me. You put them there to confuse me. I rebuke you and I rebuke these homosexual thoughts in Jesus name. I now wash my mind under the blood of Jesus Christ.”

You will want to say this prayer each time you have those types of thoughts. A good routine to get into is read a bible verse before you go to bed each evening. Meditate on it as you are falling asleep. Then cover your mind, thoughts and body under the blood of Jesus. The blood of Jesus is the one thing Satan and his demons fear.

Any time you wake up and recall that you have had homosexual or lesbian dreams remember that the dream is dirty, you are not. It’s like a fly landing on you – they fly is dirty, you are not.

It is never God’s will for you to have perverted thoughts. Put on the Armor of God each morning so that as you are facing the day you are equipped to face the temptations and lies Satan sends your way.

Power in the Blood by Nicole C. Mullen

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