Quiet Time will Radically Change Your Life!!!

1372258223qhcr1It was 1980 and I was in my second year of college. I lived in a very large, older home with about 10 Christians. Each morning at 4am I would sneak up to the attic and wait on God. I would sit in an old recliner, turn on a floor lamp and begin to wait upon God. From  that moment my life began to change. My days had more peace, tranquility and purpose. No matter what I was going through my Quiet Time helped my life to make sense.

I have continued this same practice almost everyday for the last 35 years. My Quiet Time has seen me through heartaches, tragedies, disappointments, fears, joys, uncertainties, trials, tribulations and countless difficulties. My Quiet Time has strengthened me, empowered me and made me the person I am today. My Quiet Time is my spiritual oxygen. Without my quiet time I could not function as a believer. Without it I become nervous, fearful, agitated, frustrated, worrisome and unpleasant.

The Word of God tells us “Be still and know that I am God.” When you have Quiet Time with God you are doing just that, getting quiet before God. Your Quiet Time is not bible study time or prayer time. You can do those at another time. What is Quiet time? It is your time to sit before God, wait upon His presence, let Him calm your nerves, relax your spirit and fill you with His love and peace.

Just how do have Quiet Time? Turn off all the phones. If family is around let them know not to interrupt you for the next hour. Tell them you are having your Quiet Time. Bring your journal and a pen. Find a quiet room in your house. A closet will work if that is the only place you can get away. If you have small children you can explain what you are doing. When my daughters were small they were always given the option that they could play quietly or sit with me, or even sit on my lap and have Quiet Time with me.

I have always had Quiet Time first thing in the morning. It sets the standard for my day and quiets my mind. I do know people who have it in the evening or afternoons, if that works for you go with what seems best.

Get comfortable. If you like you can light a candle. It reminds us of God’s presence. Take a few longs deep breaths. Clear your mind. Let all thoughts, worries and concerns be laid aside. Now just sit and wait. Ponder only upon God and His love for you. Ponder this in a tranquil, peaceful way. Don’t pray. Don’t talk. Just sit. When your mind begins to wander gently bring it back to the present. You are now seeking God’s presence, His love, His touch in your life.

The longer you can sit quietly the more of God’s love and peace you will feel. Keep sitting until your heart and mind feel tranquil, almost sleepy. 30 minutes to an hour of Quiet Time is my standard time. When I have a really busy schedule I cut the time down to 10 or 15 minutes.

At first you may feel antsy. It may feel difficult for you to calm yourself. As you are faithful to continue the practice your body and mind will learn to settle down and relax. Eventually you will crave your quiet time. Your mind and body will long for the healing presence of Christ to bring you peace and tranquility. Be patient with yourself. Don’t give up.

There have been times when no one has been home I have used vacation time to sit for up to 7 or 8 hours. These were times I really needed to hear from God and get a Word on a situation. The key is to keep sitting until you feel fully enveloped with God’s  peace. You can check this by knowing how deep of a peace you have, almost to the point of being groggy.

If you do happen to fall asleep you can wake yourself and continue your time with God or if you need the sleep allow yourself to doze off. This is your time to be refreshed. Let is happen.

As you are quietly sitting and focused solely on God and His presence He may speak to you. This is the time we often hear Him best because our hearts and minds are still. Whatever God seems to be saying write it down. If you desire, towards the end of your quiet time begin to ask God to speak to you about specific concerns. Write down the first words that pop into your mind. Trust that God is speaking.

If you will begin to have Quiet Time at least 5-6 days a week it will radically change your life. The more you do it the easier it will be to feel God’s presence. You will have a closer walk with God. You will be more confident. You are will be more peaceful and less stressed. It will calm your anger. This will make you a more tranquil person. Your Quiet Time will make you a better and more loving mother, father, sister, brother, husband, wife and overall believer. 

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