Why do You think You have to Be the HAPPINESS GURU?


Stop feeling responsible for everyone.

Stop trying to make everyone happy.

It’s not your job.

Happiness comes from within a person. You can’t put it there.

Your role is to be kind, supportive, loving and patient. Not provide happiness.

True happiness is rare and short-lived – a wedding, a surprise gift, a new baby, a new car.

Joy is deep within the heart of a person who knows they are right with God. 

When others are unhappy stop trying to make them happy otherwise they won’t learn how to turn to God.

Trying to always make others happy will wear you out.

Trying to make others happy will cause others to eventually become bitter, because you just can’t keep it up.

Stop trying to always make your kids happy. Let them find happiness on their own. They will be better adults.

Christ never promised happiness but He did promise Joy in Him. True joy can’t be taken away. It comes from knowing that you are loved unconditionally and that you will spend eternity with your Savior. A new car can’t do that for you.

Say this out loud right now “I am not the Happiness Guru.” Then say it out loud, all day long, for 10 days. Don’t forget.

3 thoughts on “Why do You think You have to Be the HAPPINESS GURU?

  1. This is why I love receiving your emails and read your book… You speak truth and are direct.. There’s no BS! Lol
    Love it! Thankyou!

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