Comparing Yourself to Others Comes from a Spirit of Jealousy



Do you ever wonder why you compare yourself, your family, what you have, what you do, to that of others?

Recently, I found myself comparing my home to that of my new neighbor. I have a nice home, it is small and simple, but we are pleased with it. Yet, the day after I had visited my friend and she showed me around her home, I found myself very discontent with my home and furnishings. Where did this come from? What was going on? I began to warfare in the spirit realm. I began to rebuke these thoughts of comparing, yet they wouldn’t leave. What was wrong? The Holy Spirit spoke.

“This comes from a spirit of jealousy. That is the strongman. He entices people to begin to compare what they have with what others have. It’s root is jealousy disguised as envy. It disguises itself so that you can’t get the victory over it. Take authority over the demonic spirit of jealousy and it will leave.”

Immediately I called out the spirit of Jealousy and rebuked it. I told it to leave my mind and never return.  Immediately the feelings of inadequacy and comparing left. I felt perfectly content.

When you battle demons you must always get to the root, to the strongman behind the demonic activity.

Are you having envious thoughts of what others have and you don’t? Don’t wait another minute, call out that demonic spirit and tell it to leave your mind. Be watchful to not allow any envious thoughts, no matter how small, to enter your minds, such as:

“She is so thin. I wish I was as tiny as her. Look at her beautiful legs! Mine are so heavy!”

“I love their car. Ours is so old. We could sure use a great car like theirs.”

“They always seem to be going on great vacations. Why can’t we live like them?”

“He has such a great job. Why won’t God bless me financially like him? Why are we always struggling?”

“Wow, her kitchen is so big. I wish I had one as big as hers.”
“Their kids are so wonderful, so pretty, so athletic, so smart, etc. Why can’t mine be more like that?”

“Her husband treats her so good. Why can’t my husband act like that?”

Anytime you compare to anyone you have now opened up the door to the demonic realm. Watch what you say. Never say “Why can’t I….” or “Why can’t we……” or “I wish I ……”

God has the best for you. He is working all these things out in your life as well. Stop comparing. It will destroy your peace and your joy.

Get off of Facebook. This is one of the very worst ways to destroy your peace and contentment. Facebook often makes you compare your life to others. If you do find yourself comparing when you are on it, get off your account. It is not worth your peace to stay on it.

Always say out loud “The world is mine and all that is therein.” Therefore I will not be jealous, envious or fearful.” These are the words that Jesus spoke. Everything belongs to Him. If you are His son or daughter then it all belongs to you as well. If it’s God’s best for you, you will have it. Saying this out loud each day reminds you of this fact.

Praise God each day for what you do have and stop focusing on what you don’t:

“Praise God I have a toilet to sit on!”

“Praise God I have toilet paper!”

“Praise God I’ve got something to eat”

“Praise God I had a bed to sleep in.”

“Praise God I’ve got two arms and two legs.”

“Praise God I have eyes to see and ears to hear.”

Stop allowing Satan to trouble your mind with envy, jealousy and discontentment. This is demonic. Take back your joy and rebuke that demonic spirit of Jealousy!

2 thoughts on “Comparing Yourself to Others Comes from a Spirit of Jealousy

  1. Yes I undersant and agree but what if you have some other person in your life always comparing to you and competing with everything? What should we do?
    Confronting does not work I tell you that!|

    • Elsa, I once had a friend like that. No matter what I did, what I bought or where I went she was always in competition with me. We are no longer friends. It was so frustrating trying to be friends. Some friendships just don’t last forever.

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