Run TOWARDS the Demons NOT away from them!!!



It was 5:30 this morning. Completely pitch black outside. Mike had already left for work and I was alone in the house. I was having a cup of tea and reading a book. I heard a loud bang, as if someone had entered the garage. Immediately I turned the lights on in the hall, walked into the garage and looked around outside. No one was there.

I said to myself “If there is a person or a demon trying to harass me I run towards them. I want to scare them before they even have the chance to scare me.”

The number one problem I find with believers is that they are fearful. There is absolutely no room for fear in a believers life. If you are a born-again Christian you should have NO fear in your life. Do whatever it takes to eradicate all fear in your life. This is why I am such a strong advocate of NOT watching news, NOT watching horror movies, NOT listening to dark tales – essentially not allowing into your eyes and mind anything that isn’t pure and Godly. Prudish you say? ABSOLUTELY! But let’s see who faces the demons without fear!

It was 2009 and I was hired by a Methodist church. The church was over 150 years old. It’s spire is the tallest landmark in the area. It is 3 stories high and beautifully decorated with old stained glass and an organ the size of a car. It is an impressive piece of architecture. In its prime it was the center of power, conversions and a mighty move of God. In the 1800’s it was called The Weeping Church as during the prayer services the congregation would be given over to crying out to God with loud weeping and travailing.

When I began to work at the church the old janitor told me many stories of demonic activity in the church. (Yes, demons don’t mind churches as long as they are nice and lukewarm). One of the stories he told was when he would be alone in the building late at night doing janitorial work. Several times he heard loud banging upstairs in the vacant school rooms. Each time he went up there no one was to be found. When he told me of these occurrences I knew that it was demonic activity.

One night that October I was alone in this massive church. It was late and I was in my office finishing up some work. It had been hours since everyone had gone home. Every door in the church was locked lest a homeless person or vandal decided to slip in unawares. As I sat at my computer I suddenly heard a faint “ding” of the elevator down the hall.

“No one is in the building.” I thought. “Perhaps the elevator is acting up.”

“Ding, ding.”

My heart skipped a beat. There was no mistaking it. Someone or something was in the elevator. How could anyone get in the locked building? “It must be a demon that is trying to come and torment me with fear.”

I jumped up. “I must face the demon.”

My heart was now pounding out of my chest.

“When the demon faces me I will scream at him and rebuke him in the name of Jesus!”

I began making my way down the long hall.

“Ding, ding.” The elevator was now approaching the main floor. I was shaking.

I was now in front of the elevator. There were 3 buttons on the wall each indicating which floor the elevator was coming from. It was coming from the basement! Satan I rebuke you in Jesus name! Spirit of fear leave me now in the power and authority of Jesus! I braced myself ready to face a hideous, tall demon. I was ready.

“Ding, ding.” The old elevator was now on the main floor. The dinging stops. The elevator comes to a rest. Silence. The door slowly opens, my heart is pounding faster…

“Hi Jackie, I needed to pick up my tupperware I left in the basement Sunday night.”

I stood frozen. It was 76-year-old Wanda who was a church member. I was speechless. I simply smiled and told her to have a pleasant evening.

What are you so scared of? Isis? Crime? Demons? Failure? Financial loss? Disappointments?Being attacked or robbed? Health issues? Losing your spouse or child? Are you fearful of the future? Are you fearful of a person or situation? Are you fearful of being alone?

Whatever your fear it is NOT from God. Put on the Armor of God (read my posts) and begin to live like you were meant to live – in power and authority. Rebuke that fear on a daily basis. Get rid of anything in your life that is letting in fearful thoughts. Clean house. Stop inviting demons into your home through movies and the internet. You were meant to live in power and victory not fear and timidity. Chase down those demons.

“Behold, I give you power to tread on serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy and NOTHING shall hurt you”. Luke 10:19

Do YOU really believe this scripture verse? Memorize this and say this out loud all day long for one year until you have all fears eradicated in your life. Walk in power. Chase those demons.

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