I Need Several Prayer Warriors


If you can pray then I need you. Each day I receive several requests from people from all over the world whose spouses have committed adultery and are asking for prayer support. So far I have received several hundred requests and they just keep coming.

If I could have several people who could pray for these hurting people it would help lift the load off of my shoulders. Would this be you? If so, all I ask you to do is go to my teaching Pull Down that Demonic Stronghold of Adultery and Divorce (Under Adultery) or Prayer for When Your Spouse Leaves You (Under Prayers). Look at the last 10 entries (older ones if possible) and pick at least one or more to pray for. Pray for that situation for at least several days until you feel like the burden has been lifted. Then a few days later pick a few more. If you would be willing to do this I would be deeply appreciative.

If you are willing to be one of our prayer warrior we would encourage you to read all my posts on the Armor of God as Satan attacks those who are faithful to pray. If you daily put on your Armor you will be protected from the onslaught of the enemy.

I’d love to hear from you if you are willing to be a prayer warrior for our ministry. Contact me at  https://mail mountainstreamscontact@gmail.com  .

Thank you for standing for thousands of families whom Satan has torn apart.

2 thoughts on “I Need Several Prayer Warriors

  1. I would like to member of your prayer warrior praying with you, because I have been a victim of the enemy who destroyed the unity and relationships of my family that God created. But through prayers, I stand victorious against the evil ones.

  2. Standing and praying with you and these hurting poeple and the scheme of the enemy to destroy the unity of family that God created.

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