Stop Feeding the DEMONS in your life


Every living creation has to eat to grow and survive. Demons are no different. They grow when humans give into them, submit to them, run from them and fear them. Too many Christians are running from demons when they should be running towards the demons. Demons grow spiritually by our thoughts and actions. Below is a list of the ways we “feed” demons. See if there is any on the list that you are currently doing, if so, repent, fast and pray and warfare until that demon begins to shrink and the Holy Spirit within you grows.



  • Speaking negative words about yourself such as: I hate my personality, I hate my looks, I’m so dumb, etc.
  • Fear of a person, intimidation of a person, fearful of what others think about you, fearful of others reaction or thoughts about you.
  • Turning to food, drugs, alcohol or other substances to anesthetize your pain, frustrations or anger.
  • Thinking negative thoughts about yourself: I am so dumb, I will never succeed, No one likes me, I will always be alone, etc.
  • Allowing brain drain activity such as questionable and excess TV, movies, video games, porn, Facebook, etc.
  • Comparing yourself to others. This opens the door for a demon of rejection to be released on you. 
  • Judging others: How others look, act, speak, eat, worship, spend their money, their addictions, their problems, their faults, etc. NEVER  judge others, it is one of the quickest ways for demons to grow.
  • Cutting or any self- harm is feeding the demons in your mind and body. Don’t give in to them. Fight them.
  • When you don’t put on the Armor of God (read my posts) you are spiritually naked & unable to fight demons.
  • Mumbling and grumbling about your life, your kids, your spouse, your work, your weight, your situation, etc. 
  • When you complain about what job you have you have now cursed the blessing. Be thankful for what you have.
  • Isolating yourself from other believers. Find some form of connection to believers. This need not be in a formal setting.
  • When you don’t stand up to verbal, emotional or physical abuse. When you do this you tell the demons to keep on destroying you.
  • Not confronting others. Jesus never ignored the sin, he always confronted it.
  • When you don’t confront your children, whether they are young or adults you still have a responsibility.
  • When you don’t take time out to fast and pray you cannot stay sharp, ready, powerful or strong in Christ.
  • When you keep making excuses to not do what you know is right – stop smoking, quit swearing, start reading the bible, etc.
  • When you don’t keep you body in excellent health. You have been given a gift in your human body. Exercise. Eat right. Eat clean.
  • When you don’t rebuke Satan and the demons each time they attack you. You are not using your God given authority.
  • Laziness is a sin. When you are lazy and undisciplined at work, at home, in your spiritual life, you are in sin and an open target.
  • Excess talking is a sin and the bible says it is wrong. Even a fool is considered wise when he is silent.
  • When you don’t memorize bible verses on a regular basis you no longer have a sword to defend yourself.
  • When you don’t take one day a week and honor God by resting you are breaking a commandment and are vulnerable to sickness & poverty.
  • Gossiping about others is a back handed way to judge them. Demons love this as it gives them a legal right to attack.
  • Feeling sorry for yourself is self-pity. It is demonic and is emotional blackmail against others. Cast that thing out and stop being a tool of Satan.

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