Lady, Your Fretting about your WEIGHT is Sin!


I was doing the dishes this morning, thinking about what I should eat, shouldn’t eat, should I run today? lift weights? what’s todays routine? Then the Holy Spirit spoke. Your fretting about your weight is sin. Yikes. He was right. I repented. When I told Michael what the Holy Spirit told me he said You women are always comparing yourselves to other women. Isn’t this true? She’s thinner. She’s taller. Her stomach is flatter. Her legs are really toned. She doesn’t have any wrinkles like me. Why doesn’t she have cellulite? Did she get a face lift? Does she dye her hair?

Why is fretting so sinful? Fretting says God I don’t like the way you made me. I don’t accept myself as I am. I am worried that this situation won’t change. I am frustrated you made me this way. This is too big for God.  

When you have worry and fearful thoughts it is sin because it shows we really don’t believe that God is bigger than our situation. We don’t believe that God can help us through our problem. We think and think about the problem until the problem becomes bigger than God. It  becomes an idol. All idols are sin no matter how good they seem.

Should we try to lose weight? of course

Should we exercise vigorously? of course

Should we take care of how we look, dress and maintain our bodies? of course

But don’t make this an idol in your life. Make this a project just as you would flossing your teeth or vacuuming the house. Don’t make your body the priority of your life. Get back in balance.

After I repented guess what happened to me? I felt a great sense of joy and relief! yes, joy comes when we release our fears, worries and anxieties. Joy comes when Christ is first in our lives.

Lord, you know me. I am beautifully made. Help me to fall in love with myself just as I am. Hold my hand as I work on becoming healthier, fitter and stronger. I want to be my best for you but I don’t want this to be an idol. Forgive me for fretting about my body. I now choose to love and accept myself exactly as I am. This prepares me for the positive changes that I can make and acceptance of the things I can’t change.  In Jesus name I pray.  amen

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