This is WHY you are so Scared of Demons




Last night I was demonically attacked. It had been a very stressful day and I went to bed with a lot of concerns on my mind. When I finally did fall asleep I could feel someone in bed with me. Since my husband sleeps upstairs due to his work schedule I sleep alone. This was a demon in bed next to me, rustling the covers and moving around. I was taken off guard, surprised at the demonic attack.  In my mind I yelled for Michael. Upon awakening I was overcome with anger. Immediately I began to warfare and tell the demons that because they had attacked me they would suffer the piercing of God’s light through their darkness and it would be as needles piercing their very being.

I continued to tell them that because they had disturbed my sleep I would retaliate against them in a greater way, a way that would upset the demonic realm. I began to pray for Muslims and Satanists. I began to pray that as they slept Christ would manifest His presence to them. I further went on to tell the demons that I would write a teaching on how to fight demons. I then commanded them to leave in Jesus name. I covered myself and our home under the blood of Christ, asked my Heavenly Father to protect me and I fell into a deep and peaceful sleep.

Was I frightened upon awakening? No. I understand how demons operate. I know that they feed off of a persons fear. I understand what frightens and upsets demons. They don’t continue to contend with those who know how to warfare. They love to attack those who are terrified of them. Here is why you are fearful when demons attack you.

  1. You don’t know who you are in Christ.
  2. You don’t have the Word of God within you.
  3. You are more frightened of the “idea” of a demon that by what they can actually do.
  4. You do not realize that you have been given power over all demons.
  5. You don’t put on the Armor of God out loud daily.
  6. You watch TV and movies that open up the demonic realm.
  7. You do not understand how to warfare against demons.
  8. You do not know how to retaliate when you have been demonically attacked.
  9. You allow into your mind anything that comes your way.
  10. You are not pulling down strongholds and every thought that would lift itself up against the mind of Christ.
  11. You are lazy when it comes to memorizing the Word of God.
  12. You don’t have a disciplined mind.
  13. You don’t understand the power of Angels.
  14. Your life is full of fear instead of faith.

If you want to be strong in Christ, warfare against demons and be a mighty warrior for God then you can begin by reading all my posts on Spiritual Warfare, Fear, Armor of God, Demons, Fasting and Growing Spiritually.

Stop allowing the demons to torment you with fear – begin to chase them and they will soon fear you.


4 thoughts on “This is WHY you are so Scared of Demons

  1. Shalom in God’s Holy Name
    My wife and I are praying for deliverance for our daughter. She is going to a rock concert but they are satanic the group Soundgarden. She is also pregnant and we don’t want our unborn grandchild exposed to that. We are asking for prayers our daughter name Kristen and her husband name is Church. Thank you very much and may God continue to Bless you.

    • Francis, our Prayer Team is now lifting up Kristen and Church. Let us agree by the power of the Holy Spirit that they will be so convicted about the concert that they will physically feel it. We stand in prayer and warfare with you in Jesus name. Peace and blessings.

  2. Good morning Jackie Osinski , I have been reading Ur comment and they have help me a lot, the Armor of God out loud daily I love it I really do and I thank you for helping me to be a better man in God’s words I still have a lot to learn!!!

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