A Chapter From My Next Book: Breaking the Strangle of Fear



Everything we look at becomes a part of us. Why is this so critical when overcoming fears? We open our minds up to fear in many ways that we are unaware of. I have worked with so many people who are tormented with fears and yet do not realize the gravity of movies, videos and the internet. Horror movies, violent movies, the news, scary or sexual movies all cause our minds to be filled with fear. How’s that? Everything that you allow into your eyes becomes a permanent part of your mind. Think of a scary movie that you saw when you were a kid. You can still remember it. It has made an imprint upon your mind. It is still in your memory bank.

When we are fighting fears we must eliminate everything and anything that could open up doors for fear to come in. We really need to make our environment sterile. Once we have watched something that is scary or violent our brains have now been opened up to believe that what we see is possible and true. I was speaking to a Christian teenager who loved to watch horror movies. As I was explaining this principle to her she was in disagreement with me.

“Horror movies are just fun. I know they aren’t real. They have no effect on me.”

“If you were asleep one night and you saw a demon standing next to your bed would that bother you?”

“Of course it would!”

“But you are a believer. You are not to have any fears. How could you possibly fight a demon when you are scared of it?”

At that point she began to understand that perhaps what she was watching was having an effect on her. Her reasoning is the same that most people use, that it’s not real and that common sense would dictate that their minds can differentiate the difference. Not so. Our minds do not distinguish what we see on TV and differently from what we see in real life. To our eyes and minds it is all the same.

“I will walk within my house within the integrity of my heart. I will not allow my eyes to look upon anything that is worthless” Ps. 101:2,3

This scripture verse is telling us that when no one is around it is important to still walk in purity and godliness. It then goes on to say that it is sinful to look upon anything that is sinful, perverted, violent or worthless. Take a moment right now and ask yourself if you have been looking at any shows, movies or internet sites that you look at that are ungodly. What’s ungodly? We always base everything on the Word of God. Phill.4:8 is our litmus test. Everything that we watch and look upon should pass this test.

“Whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.” Phil. 4:8

Each time you read a book or look upon anything you need to ask yourself if it meets these standards. Is is pure? Is it lovely? Is it admirable? Is it excellent? Go through each word of Philippians 4:8 and see if the movie or book lines up. If it doesn’t then don’t look at it, it is sin.

Most people don’t take into the consideration the seriousness of what we look at. Are you struggling with fear because of what you have been watching? Even listening to the news will bring in a spirit of Fear. Demons can enter our minds and set up a stronghold. There are two ways that they enter, through what we see and what we hear. These are called our eye gates and our ear gates. We are warned to protect our heart with all that we have within us.

“Guard your hearts with all diligence because the source of your life flows from it.” Prov. 4:23

Can you honestly say that you are guarding your heart, your eyes and your ears from anything that is ungodly? If not, this may be one of the sources of your fears. Do not take lightly the warnings of God. We don’t become full of fears and anxieties by living a pure life. Fears and anxieties always come from somewhere. Take a moment and ask the Lord to show you any areas of your life where you have not been guarding your eyes and your ears.

What about the music you have been listening to? This too can be a source of problems. There is so much music out there that is ungodly that most people do not even realize how it is effecting them. Phil. 4:8 is the same standard for what we listen to as well. Is the music you are listening to pure? Is it lovely? Is is right? Ask yourself these questions the next time you have the radio on or turn on the computer. Satan comes as an angel of light to torment and confuse our minds.

Natalie was struggling with horrific nightmares. She is a strong 28 year old believer. She puts on the Armor of God and is regularly in God’s Word. As I asked her to describe her night terrors she said they involved cannibalism, human sacrifice and death. I then asked her to list some of the music she had been listening to in the last few months. She said that she had been listening to the same music each time she works out – Katy Perry’s Dark Horse. As we were talking I googled the lyrics. As soon as I began to read the words I saw witchcraft, the occult, homosexuality, lesbianism, death, drugs, magic and cannibalism. What a list of darkness!!! But when I saw the name Jeffrey Dahmer I knew that we had hit on the culprit of Natalie’s night terrors. Jeffery Dahmer was a serial murderer, rapist and CANNIBAL. He was a demon possessed man. Katy Perry sings about the most vile form of sadistic eroticism. This song definitely is demonic. I told her to stop listening to the song as it was opening up the door for demons to come in and torment her mind.

“But I’m not listening to the lyrics. I just love the beat and it’s great to work out to.”

“You may not be consciously listening to the music but your subconscious is always listening and picking up on the words. When we listen to anything that is demonic it gives Satan a legal right to set up camp in our minds and torment us. This is what is happening to you.”

She agreed to stop listening to Dark Horse. She called me a few weeks later and said since she had stopped listening to the song she hadn’t had any night terrors.
What are you listening to or watching that is causing fear in your life?

Satan and his demons are attracted to darkness. Anything that is not of God is darkness. Too many Christians fall under demonic attacks because they are not walking in awareness as to what is of God and what is of Satan. Often they end up in trouble because they took for granted that just because something didn’t seem outwardly bad it must be of God. If it is clearly not pure or Godly it is of darkness and there is always a price to pay for darkness.

Janice called me because she was struggling with anxious, fearful thoughts throughout the day. When night would come she would become more fearful and would feel like there was a demonic presence in her apartment. She is a 24-year-old Christian who is careful about the movies she watches and the music she listens to. I was praying as she was speaking and I was asking the Holy Spirit to show me where the fear was coming in.

“Janice, do you watch the news?”

“Yes, but it’s just background noise. I just keep it on while I’m working in the kitchen. I don’t pay attention to what is being said.”

“This is the source of your fears. Get off the news for 3 weeks and see what a difference it makes.”

“But I don’t agree with you! I can’t imagine how the news could put all these bad feelings on me. It just don’t make sense.”

“Janice, the news if full of violence, tragedies and darkness. Your subconscious is picking up all the bad news and it’s sinking into your mind and spirit. Just try getting off of it for at least a week and let’s see what a difference it makes.”

She agreed. I received a call just 3 days later from Janice.

“I can’t believe what a difference it has made since I have stopped listening to the news. I don’t have those scary feelings any longer and I actually sleep better at night. I am staying off the news permanently!

What we watch and what we listen to will always have a huge impact on your mind and emotions. Before you read the next chapter put this book down. Ask God to show you everything in your life that is displeasing to him and that is opening up a door of fear. Fill in the list below. Ask Him for the courage to throw out anything that is not of Him or that could possibly tempt you. Pray for the courage to break any addictions that you may have to certain types of music of movies. It’s not worth your soul nor is it worth your peace.

Songs I listen to that are not Godly

3______________________________________________________________ 4._____________________________________________________________
Movies or TV Shows I watch that are not Godly


List 3 of the scariest movies I seen in the last 10 years

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