That’s the PAST – I Don’t need to Go There


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I was speaking to a close friend the other day and asked her if she had ever recovered the crystal vase that a relative had stolen.

I don’t need to go there – that’s the past she replied.

She had been wronged. Someone had done something evil to her but she was moving on. She couldn’t change the facts of what had happened. She couldn’t recover the valuable article. There was simply nothing to be done.

Paul said This is the one thing that I do – I forget those things which are in the past….

How many times do we rehash the past? We relive it, hear it, see it, over and over. It does us no good. It torments us. See if any of these sound familiar.

  • Why did I make such a foolish mistake?
  • I can’t believe I made such a financial blunder.
  • How stupid could I have been to trust that person?
  • How could he/she have hurt me like that?
  • What did I do to deserve such treatment?
  • I shouldn’t have said  _____________.
  • I should not have done  ___________.
  • How could they treat me like that?

The past holds no power over you. Say this out loud right now 10 times. Each time a thought from the past arises say this simple phrase out loud. It  is a simple reminder that no matter what has happened in your past you can ask forgiveness for it from Christ. The Word of God tells us that our sins are like a dark red stain on our lives. But when we sincerely ask forgiveness, turn from our sin and no longer do it we are washed pure as at the driven snow. Take a moment right now to ask Christ if there is any sin in your life. Sit quietly.  The first thing that comes into your mind is the Lord speaking to you. Repent of your sin, Ask for forgiveness and then Ask God to cover your sin under the precious blood of Jesus. Now you are white as snow. The devil has no power over you by bringing up your past.

The key to your past is to have learned from it. What have you learned from your mistakes? How can you grow from them? Remind yourself that you were simply trying to do the best that you could with the information that you had at the time.

Finally, forgive yourself. Take a moment now to recite this simple prayer out loud.

Lord, I come to you today because the past continues to torment my mind. I now choose to forgive myself and all those involved with the situation.  I no longer want to be living in the past. I ask you to redeem any harm that was done. I now choose to release all ties to this incident and ask  you to heal me of the heartache of what happened. When you hung on the cross you paid the price for all humanities sin. When you said It is finished you were saying that The case is closed. The past is the past and I now choose to live in this new day, right now with the blessings you have for me today. I now officially shut the door on the past and all wrongs done to me and by me. I am a new person in Christ and I eagerly anticipate all the good things you have in store for me.  In Jesus name I pray.  amen

Now, each time the past comes up to haunt you simply say as Christ said It is finished. Case closed. It’s the past – I don’t need to go there.


2 thoughts on “That’s the PAST – I Don’t need to Go There

  1. Great word Jackie. We need to forget the past and embrace now and the future Jackie. Let me know what your are doing these days for GODS KINGDOM.

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