Prayer When You have Been REJECTED


7dcf8b26a1b7586d20075752cc26bfebAll of us have been rejected at one time or another. The best and most powerful thing that you can do each time you feel rejected is to say this out loud with authority:

Spirit of Rejection I will NOT allow you to minister to me.

When you say this you are telling that demonic realm that wants to beat you down and make you feel forsaken that you are not going to let it have any power over you! It is so powerful that it has changed my life.  The bible tells us that Jesus was rejected on the cross. This tells us that Jesus bore all our rejection, past, present and future. Therefore you need never allow rejection in your heart. Say the following prayer each morning when you are struggling with rejection.

Dear Jesus I know that you suffered rejection on the cross. This means you bore my rejection so that I no longer need to feel rejected. I now release all feelings of rejection. I command that all these wrong feelings leave me now in Jesus name. I am deeply loved and accepted by Christ. I am complete in Christ. I lack nothing. Lord heal all my wounds and fill all my emptiness. Each day show me how very much you love me and how precious I am to you. Satan every plan that you have set against me has been broken at the cross. I therefore go forward today in peace, confidence and joy.   In Jesus name I pray.   amen

Please take a moment to the Audio Overcoming Rejection



2 thoughts on “Prayer When You have Been REJECTED

  1. Thank you for this prayer. Today I was contemplating how on all the many paths I have traveled on I have been rejected. From Judaism to Christianity, From Tenrikyo to Hindu. To even my family.I have been a true seeker never rejected by G*d but always was being judged by people . For how I looked to the gifts g*d has bestowed on me. It has been an abusive relationship with religious sects. I know I love Jesus “Yashua ” and he has saved me and my child from our contracts with Satan. But I’m ready to vanish into the woods. Where I feel exepted. Yes something is ministering to me tell me to go to where there are no judgments no more abuse . Leave the worldly religions behind and find solace in nature and the universe united with Adonai. Help others from a distance. Or as needed personally..your prayer was nice it brought some peace to my heart.

    • Karmynn, I hear your cry. In 7 years I have attended 6 different churches. My husband and I were badly burned by half of them, the other half I just didn’t fit into. Yet, I am now attending a new church in hopes of fellowship. I believe that there are still people out there who will love and accept me and truly preach the Word of God. We all need fellowship. I now pray in Jesus name that God will lead you to a fellowship where you will be built up in Christ, appreciated for your gifts and talents and loved sincerely. Shalom

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