Why I Kept Having Perverted Thoughts


file000324750683Recently I had gone for several months having perverted thoughts. They would come at me when I’d be speaking to someone, when I was in church, when I was cleaning the house, when I was at the grocery store, anywhere and anytime.  I would rebuke them every time but they just kept coming back.  This probably went on for about 2 months if not longer. Several times I went before God and would ask if I had opened the door to lust or perversion. I went down my check list:

  • I wasn’t watching any TV.
  • I wasn’t reading the news.
  • I wasn’t reading anything but the bible or National Geographics.
  • I was guarding my heart with all diligence.
  • I was daily putting on The Armor of God.
  • I was resisting the perverted thoughts.
  • I was daily in God’s Word.
  • I was having daily quiet time.
  • I had not knowingly looked at anything perverted.

Once I went through my check list I felt baffled. Why was I being attacked with such vile perverted thoughts? Some would even be pornographic in nature. I took this to the Lord in prayer and the only thing I got was Cast it out.  Immediately I said out loud:

Lord, forgive me for allowing in a spirit of perversion. I don’t know how it came in but I still take responsibility for it. Help me to be more careful about what I let into my eye gates.

You foul spirit of perversion. I do not know where you came from or how you got in but you have no right to continue to torment my mind with perverted thoughts. In the name and authority of Jesus I now cast you out! I command you to leave by the blood of the Lamb!

Immediately I began coughing for several seconds. Then there was calm in my mind. This is how you know the demon has left, you mind is clear and at peace. I instantly knew that the demon of perversion had left. Since that time I have had no perverted thoughts. Here is what I learned:

  • Demons come in very easily.
  • Demons can enter and we can be totally unaware of it except for the sinful fruit it produces in our lives.
  • We live in a perverted world. Simply by checking an innocent article on the internet a  perverted ad or image can pop up on your side screen. A magazine at the checkout line can have a perverted cover and title. Don’t look at it!
  • We still have a responsibility to repent of “unknown” or “secret” sins.
  • Look at the fruit in your mind to determine if you need to cast a demon out.
  • Every Christian should feel comfortable enough to cast out a demon out of themselves.
  • If you are not comfortable casting out a demon find a Godly minister who can do it for you.
  • Don’t be too prideful to admit that you have lust, perversion, greed, hate, murder, envy or whatever sin is tormenting and controlling your mind.

Please refer to How to cast out a Demon  under Spiritual Warfare for full teaching.

2 thoughts on “Why I Kept Having Perverted Thoughts

    • Jimmy, we don’t repent and remove the dark thoughts because we are bad but because we desire to live a Godly and pure life. Why should we live a life of darkness when we can find life and joy in a clear mind and purity? I’d rather spend eternity knowing that I did all I could to fight for purity than give into lust and spend eternity in hell. blessings

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