FEAR HAS NO POWER OVER YOU!!! Jackie Osinski’s book will set you free




Fear Has NO Power over You


Have you ever struggled with fear? Then this book is a must! Jackie brings fear down into bite size pieces that can be easily understood. She teaches the power tools she has used to help many overcome the vast fears which we all face daily. Finding answers based on the Power of the Holy Spirit and the amazing tools hidden in the Word of God you will finally find the key to being completely set free from the fears that you are facing and understand what you must do to live an overcoming  life.

Sample Page from Chapter 1

Fear doesn’t change the situation it only changes you.
If we are fearful of traveling on a plane, instead of overcoming the fear, we drive, take a bus or a train. If we fear heights we make vacation plans to places that don’t have mountains or high buildings. If we are fearful of dogs we walk on the other side of the road. We go on to build our “Fear Kingdom” by talking about it. We talk about how long the train was because “flying is so dangerous.” Then we get others sharing their ugly recollections of accidents and horror stories. We continue to affirm our fear and try to get others to join in so that we feel good about living under the demonic hand of fear.
When we fear we are always bowing down to the area that we fear. We give credence to our wrong way of thinking. But because we are so wrapped up in fear we no longer know how to distinguish what is healthy thinking and what is fear thinking. We think of it as normal to not fly on planes, to keep the lights on at night, to not hike in the woods, to not go up tall buildings, etc.
Fear ultimately controls you. When you are controlled by a demonic factor there is never any real joy, the fear tells you what you can and cannot do. 

Fear dictates what you think and feel. It destroys our happiness. 
It tells you what decisions you will make. It tells you what relationships you will have. It imprisons you to its every whim and desire. You are seldom free to live the way you would really like to live.
Our happiness evaporates because we always fear deep in the back of our minds. We may have “moments” of happiness but they are typically short lived. It isn’t long before someone says something or something happens to burst our thin bubble of peace. 

“Those who trust the Lord will be happy.” Proverbs 16:20  

Fear never lets you feel safe. You know that it is only a matter of time before the next situation or episode will arise that will cause fear to rear its ugly head.


Fear is not a part of your divine destiny. 
Satan will do everything in his power to remove, trample, diminish, shred and destroy your faith. How? Simply by injecting fear into your life. It’s that simple. Take a moment and think about this question. In the last three years what is one thing you have felt God has wanted you to do yet you couldn’t find the courage to do?

Whatever it is you can know for certain that fear was one of the main reasons you were not able to step out and do it.

List 5 things that you believe God has called you to do that you are not yet doing:

1. ____________________________________________________

2. ____________________________________________________

3. ____________________________________________________

4. ____________________________________________________

5. ____________________________________________________

Fear Diminishes Who We Really Are
God created you with certain passions, desires, spiritual gifts and specific talents. Fear will stop every one of these.

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