Keep the Phone Home – Ways to De-stress

I am always trying to find new and better ways to de-stress.  Recently  God spoke to me and said “Keep your phone off on your Sabbath day.” So Sunday I had the phone shut off.  I was amazed at the inner tranquility that I found. My day was very peaceful without all the buzzing, beeping and ringing. By the next day I was actually looking forward to turning my phone on and catching up with everyone around me. Then God told me to take it a step further “Don’t drive with your phone. Keep it at home.” When I began to do this the strangest thing happened, I began to feel guilty. “What if someone needs to reach me?” “What if something comes up with my family?” Then the famous words came to my mind that my good friend Donna spoke to me several years ago –

“You’re just not that important!”



That settled it. I began leaving my phone home each time I got in the car. Here’s what I noticed: I was much less stressed. I was less anxious. I was more focused on my errands. I enjoyed my day a whole lot better.  I didn’t find myself trying to read texts. I didn’t have to listen to voice mails and drive at the same time. I didn’t have to pull over so that I could send a text.

I have been doing this for a few weeks now and I can honestly say that I like life a whole lot more. Why don’t you try doing this for just one week? Leave your phone in a drawer at home each time you jump in the car. See how your peace increases and stress decreases. Then if you are ready for the plunge shut your phone down completely for one day – call it a phone fast. It will honor God, it will honor your time and it might just become a weekly habit.

Peace is what is lacking in our society. Be an instrument of peace by trying these simple yet powerful exercises.


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