MEDUSA – The Demon that DESTROYS Marriages and Families

Medusa was a mythological Greek goddess who was a monster.  Her hair was hideous, venomous live snakes with horrific fangs and serpents tongues. Medusa’s appearance was gruesome. Her power was in her eyes. For anyone who gazed upon her turned to stone, never to live their lives for what they had once hoped for.  The only way Medusa was overcome was by never gazing upon her and ultimately beheading her. 

Today Medusa is  still alive in the demonic realm.  She is alive in the Church and is very active in destroying millions of Christian homes with so many believers in shock over “how this could happen” to such a wonderful family. She is sent out by Satan to infiltrate the church, seduce men and women to have affairs, seduce teens to turn from Christ, to seduce single Christians to act immorally and to cause complete havoc and confusion in the body of Christ. And guess what – it’s working!

Some of the characteristics of how this demon works:

  • Seduces men and women away from their spouses.
  • Causes  men and woman to be “frozen” with a lie so that they cannot think clearly.
  • Causes married men and women to believe they have found their “true love” in the adulterer.
  • Causes God-fearing men and women to abandon their spouses, children, home and even their walk with God to follow a lie.
  • Medusa is very powerful. She will turn a pastor into an adulterer and a mother into a prostitute.
  • Those under the influence of Medusa will be shocked at what the person is now doing and saying.
  • You will no longer recognize the Godly person who is now under her control.
  • Medusa will freeze a person until she finally kills them morally, mentally and spiritually.
  • If she is allowed to continue her control over a person they will lose their soul.
  • Medusa works for Satan. He controls her. She controls others.
  • Medusa cause single, young people to become promiscuous, rebellious, indifferent and ungodly. They completely change who they really are.

Is any of this sounding familiar? Does this  sound like your spouse or someone you know? Most likely they are under the demonic control of Medusa.

How to warfare and break her control. This is how we behead her.

  • Begin to fast and pray (read all my posts on Fasting). Don’t stop until this spirit is totally broken off the person. For some it will take years. Be tenacious. Don’t give up.
  • Begin to intercede daily. Call out the demon by name. Demons like to hide. Tell her Medusa, I see your work. Your powers were broken at the cross 2000 years ago in Jesus name.  You have no right to work in _____________’s heart and mind.  I now command you to loose your control off of ___________. I will not stop warfaring until he/she is completely set free. I’m not budging or giving in. Christ will win this battle.
  • Ask God for a Word of wisdom in the situation and how and when to confront the person to tell them (if possible) that they are under Medusa’s control.
  • Get at least 3 Godly people with whom you can warfare with at least once a week. Even if you do this on the phone it is just as powerful.
  • As God to give you revelation knowledge how to fight this demon.
  • Bind Medusa in Jesus name. Tell her she is powerless.
  • Cover your spouse/son or daughter  under the blood of Christ and remind Medusa that she has no legal right to touch anyone under the blood.

What you need to do to Avoid Medusa.

  • Keep your head down and eyes straight ahead. I recently was at the gym and saw an attractive man look my way. Immediately the Holy Spirit said “Keep your head down and eyes closed.” I was on a weight machine and did this for 15 minutes. When I looked up the man was gone.  When around possibly tempting situations with the opposite sex, keep your head down. Seducing places can be such as the gym, parks, grocery stores or any public place where there could be temptation. Remember, it only takes one look to begin the process. Shield your eyes.
  • Stay off of Facebook.
  • Do not have the opposite sex as an intimate friend.
  • Immediately confess any sexual temptation to your spouse. It’s hard to do but will save your marriage.
  • Keep honest and open with your spouse. No intimate secrets. Demons love to hide in darkness.
  • Don’t play with fire. Reconnecting with old friends or school mates of the opposite sex (no matter how innocent it seems) is the first gaze of Medusa that will begin her grip on you.
  • Daily have intimate time with the Lord. Ask Him to reveal sin in your life on a daily basis.
  • Study and memorize God’s Word daily.
  • Work on keeping your marriage a priority above all else. Keeping it strong will weaken the possibility that Medusa can have any foothold.
  • Pray with your spouse daily. Medusa hates prayer. It weakens her.

Jesus said “Behold I give YOU superhuman ability to trample upon and destroy demonic serpents and scorpions and over ALL the evil workings of Satan.”  Luke 10:19

If you want further resources on Spiritual Warfare read all my posts under that category, along with Marriage, Adultery, Fasting and Prayer and Armor of God.

5 thoughts on “MEDUSA – The Demon that DESTROYS Marriages and Families

  1. The first time I came in contact with medusa was as a bracelet… immediately I saw the bracelet, I fell in love with the image ignorantly.. soon, I started having sexual dreams and orgies… I was wondering what’s the source, knowing fully well that I wasn’t involving in any sexual I started praying, and asking the holyspirit for wisdom..until he led me to that bracelet, and it’s representation..and that was how I was enlightened.. so guys, in addition, representative images in our possessions, can also lead to being oppressed by these demons.
    Thank you for the enlightenment

  2. Geoff, thanks for the encouraging words. Let’s get the word out about this demon, exposing her will weaken her. We are in a battle for the souls of our brothers and sisters in Christ. Put on that Armor and let’s go to battle! blessings

  3. Jackie, So true. I am living proof. And you are correct. She is in the church, and most churches don’t care. Thanks for all you do in spreading the Word.

    Geoff in Hoover, AL

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