When Single but Want to be Married

Are you single but long to be married? This audio will help you find peace and direction.

2 thoughts on “When Single but Want to be Married

  1. Thank you for this post today!!! Timely, hallelujah!! I desire to be remarried and have made my request known to God. There have been a few men that have tried to come into my life but I am believing for Gods best. I desire a man that loves the lord and wants to build the kingdom of God at our local church! I know that he is out there. Thank you for praying that I continue to rest in the Lord. The voice of the enemy always tells me that it will never happen and that no one will want me. The spirit of jealousy tries to always keep me looking at my ex husband and his new wife and all the things they have and get to do. It has been overwhelming at times but God is good and I press towards my future . I am in a war of my mind to not compare my life as I know that those that wait on the lord will jot be put to shame. Thank you for your post and the prayer I am encouraged that God hasn’t forgotten about me and my desire.

    1. Blessings Tameka mighty woman of God! Thank you for the powerful words of encouragement. I stand with you in faith and agreement. May this holiday season bring you much abundant joy.

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