God’s Word tells us that the sins of the Fathers shall be passed down to the 3rd and 4th generation. This means that God will allow sins to continually be passed down the family line until someone steps in, acknowledges the sin, repents and breaks generational curses.

Do you see patterns in your family such as Addictions, anger issues, sexual misconduct, Controlling others, adultery, evilness, Abuse, incest, lying, stealing, Hate, racism, Poverty, depression, Pornography, HOPELESSNESS, SELF-PITY, SUICIDE  and other sins?

Most likely these have been passed down from your forefathers. Its time to stop them and be set free once and for all so that you, your family and your children no longer will have to walk under a curse. Here are the steps to breaking the curses.

1. The Full Surrender

The very first thing you are going to have to do is to be willing to come into a full surrender of your entire life with the Lord.

The first rule in spiritual warfare, before you can even begin to do battle with demonic spirits, is that you have to be walking and operating in a full surrender with the Lord. If you are not willing to come into this full surrender where He will now be the One to take over the reigns of your life and lead your life into the direction that He will now want it to go in – then there will be no help and no deliverance from these demons.

“Submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.” (James 4:7)

Submitting to God means you have entered into this full surrender with Him. You have to be willing to fully surrender every part of your being to Him – body, soul, and spirit along with your entire life over to Him.

2. Confess Your Sins and that of Your Parents to God

The next thing you are going to need to do is to fully confess your sins and that of your parents and grandparent to the Lord.

“But if they confess their sins and the sins of their FATHERS, with their unfaithfulness in which they were unfaithful to Me, and that they also have walked contrary to Me … then I will remember My covenant …”    (Leviticus 26:40, 42)

Why would God want you to confess the sins of your father or mother when you had nothing to do with their sins in the first place?

God wants you to know exactly why these demons are coming after you in the first place – and that reason is because of the sins your parents have committed against the Lord.

Begin to make a list of all known sins. When you pray include the term “and unknown sins” so that those unknown sins will be covered as well.

When you get into this part of the prayer, confess outloud what sins you and your sinning parent have committed against the Lord.

Here is a list of some of the main Generational Curses, the list is endless. Go through the list. Once you do ask the Lord to show you any patterns of sins in your family line that are reoccurring and could be a curse. Continue to be aware in the future of anything the Holy Spirit may reveal as to curses that have not yet been dealt with. Oftentimes they will expose themselves over time.

Financial Problems: Greed, jealousy, laziness, stinginess, hoarding, stealing, poverty

Sexual Sins: Lust, fornication, adultery, pornography, masturbation, homosexuality, incest, sexual abuse, rape

Fears: Anxiety, fear of failure, fear of people, fear of God, entire list of all fears 

Addictions: Illegal drugs, prescribed medications, alcohol, tobacco caffeine, Porn, Gambling, all addictions

Food issues: Anorexia, Gluttony, Bulimia, all eating disorders

Rebellion: Stubbornness, pride, idolatry, disobedient, lawlessness, witchcraft, arrogance, control, narcissistic

All False Religions: Mormons, Muslim, Buddhism, Jehovahs Witness, New Age, Christian Science, Hinduism, Freemasons. Every religion that is not Christian.

Critical Spirit: Judgmental, belittling others, cynicism, sarcasm, verbal abuse

Victim Mentality: Self-pity, loneliness, expecting failure, hopelessness, negativity, unworthiness

Emotional Issues: moodiness, depression, self-rejection, self-hatred  suicidal, nightmares, delusions, uncleanliness

Uncontrolled Tongue: lying, slander, cursing, swearing, exaggeration, foul mouth, gossip

Mental Illnesses: Bipolar disorders, personality disorders, obsessive compulsive, autistic disorders, schizophrenia, ADD and ADHD, insanity, any mental disorders

Physical Diseases: Cancer, heart disease, lung disease, kidney stones, stomach problems, migraines, headaches, etc.

All Occult Activity: Satanic Worship, Seances, Fortune Telling, Palm Reading, Crystal Ball, Levitation, Spirit Guided, Automatic Writing, Divining, ESP, Telepathy, Tarot Cards, Astral Projection, Horoscopes, Voodoo, Ouija Boards.


Dear Lord, I now acknowledge all my sins of  (list sins) ___ __ _____ ___ ___ , my parents sins of : ___ ____ ___ _____ __ ____ __ _____   and all the sins of my ancestors right up to Adam and Eve.  We now confess that we have broken your commandments and have sinned before you. We also ask your forgiveness for all unknown sins. Lord, if there are any specific sins that we have not mentioned that need to be addressed we ask that in the coming days and weeks you bring these to our minds. I am truly sorry for all our sins and I ask that neither I nor my family nor all my decedents ever return to these evil ways. I now ask that you wash me and my family under the atoning blood of Jesus Christ. Thank you for forgiving me.  amen

3. Be Willing to Fully Forgive Others

“But when you are praying, first forgive anyone you are holding a grudge against, so that your Father in heaven will forgive your sins, too.” Mark 11:25 

As a result of sins we often end up harboring and holding onto deep feelings of guilt, hate, anger, rage, and unforgiveness towards others and our parents. If those negative feelings are not properly dealt with early on – these kinds of heavy negative emotions will settle down deep into YOUR mental and emotional makeup, and a mental stronghold will then give the demons plenty to attach to and feed on.

Before you break the generational curses you will first have to be willing to fully forgive others for whatever they have ever done to you.

God can’t hear any of your prayers until you can agree to forgive all of those who have ever wronged you in this life.

Pray: I now choose to forgive all those who have hurt and wronged me. I specifically choose to forgive __________ for what she/he did to me.

4. Break the Generational Curses

Warfare Prayer: Today I now come against all generational curses – specifically ______________________(name the curses).  I sever and break every generational curse that has been passed down from all of our forefathers. Because I have repented for their sins and for our sins we are no longer under any generational curses. In the name and authority of Jesus I now claim that we are under the bloodline of Jesus Christ, a new bloodline of holiness and purity. I am now under the New Covenant paid for by the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. I now command all demonic soul ties, attacks and torments to be stopped immediately as  they no longer have a legal right to attack us.

We now look for the blessings, power and provision of Jesus Christ as we fully submit ourselves, our family and all our possessions to His Lordship. We pray all this in Jesus name.  amen

5. Verbally Command the Demons to Leave You in the Name of Jesus Christ

Once this curse line has been fully broken, the demons will have nothing left to hold onto, and you will now be able to verbally engage with them and command them to now leave you.

Out loud pray with authority: Satan you and the demons have been allowed to attack us through generational curses. They are now broken. We tell you now to stop immediately. You no longer have a legal right to attack, torment or hurt us in any way. We are now under the full covenant blessings and protection of  the Lord Jesus Christ and we are no longer under your dominion. We now command you get your hands off  of our family, our home, our health, our finances, relationships and all that we have.  We say leave now in Jesus name!

6. Make Breaking Curses a Normal part of your Life

In time more curses will be brought to your mind as you go about your day to day routine. It would be nearly impossible to eliminate all the curses in one sitting when there has been generations of sin. When you begin to see patterns of sin in yourself, your children and grandchildren take it to prayer and see if its a generational curse then follow the simple steps to break it. Once you get used to breaking them it is truly simple and they can be broken within just a minute. I have been breaking curses in my family line for years. Every so often I will see something in myself, my husband, my children or grandchildren that will resonate as a character trait of curses. I quickly discern the situation and usually right there and then repent for the sin of my ancestors and break the curse. Simply be aware of what God is trying to show you.

Final Thoughts on Curses

  • If it doesn’t line up with Phil. 4:8 don’t allow it into your home – it’s ungodly.
  • You are now in covenant. Stay in covenant. Claim your covenant.  Explain.
  • Expect your covenant blessings.
  • Take communion on a regular basis. This affirms and solidifies covenant.
  • Stand on God’s Word. This activates and affirms your covenant.
  • Daily put on Armor of God to warfare for your covenant. 
  • Daily Quiet time exposes sin to walk in covenant.
  • Watch your words. This is a main vessel of curses and blessings. “I’m so stupid.”“My son is an idiot.” “He is such a failure.” “I will never succeed.” All negative statements about yourself and others will bring a curse. 
  • Judging others commands that God judge us. God will have to bring onto us the very thing we have judged others for. As long as I was judging others my family lived under a curse. It was horrible – until I finally leaned to never judge others. Gossip is judging.

Soulish prayers is judging. “God strike down that woman at church. You know how evil she is.” Always pray in the humility and love of Christ. When praying guard against the wrong attitude of accusing and control. They too are created in the image of God.  

Begin each prayer for every person with a word of thanks.  A Pastor in India began to pray “against” a lazy pastor, God convicted him, he began to confess positive affirmations for the pastor in his prayers, within 6 months the lazy pastor became totally dedicated & changed for Christ .

  •   We should now expect peace, favor of God, victory, health and success according to God’s will and standards for each of our lives. You should feel blessed not cursed.

It is now imperative that you and your family walk in a sin-free life. If and when you do sin repent immediately. 

If you struggle with Forgiveness or need refreshers on Generational Curses refer to my ministry site. 


  1. Thank you for this I have been struggling with addiction and me and my husband have separated because of it I have been praying and praying for help I love the lord and I love my husband we need help any info on help please let us know

  2. Please pray for my wife Peggy shes a unbeliever with resentment towards my family.a d for me from additions from my forefathers.amen

  3. I too am really encouraged and welcome the next post the 6 steps to pray to break generational curses.
    Please pray for my husband as well. He has a hard heart towards the gospel.

  4. THANKS for sharing this is very important and I cnt wait to have the 6 steps how to go about and how to pray .Thanks for praying with me also for the hardend heart of my spouse in Jesus name

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