32 Reasons WHY You Still Can’t Get Rid of the DEMONS in YOUR Life

If you have been through deliverance (the casting out of demons) and yet continue to have demonic spirits these may be some of the reasons why the demons have not yet left or have returned.

1.  You are living in sin. Sin gives demons a legal right to stay and keep a stronghold in your life.

2. Your house is not spiritually clean. Examples of this would be tarot cards, Ouija boards, dark and demonic games, dark video games, inappropriate pictures, dream catchers, statues of Buddha or other idols, the Koran, etc. Demons can dwell in objects. Get rid of all that is not totally squeaky clean and pure. If Jesus wouldn’t look at it or have it in His home get rid of it.

3. Your eye is not pure. Examples of this would be movies, books, magazines, TV shows that are not totally clean and pure, reading demonic books such as The Koran, Satanic books, books on witchcraft or the occult, etc. ANY type of PORN. ANY VIOLENT or GRAPHIC movies, especially horror movies. Get rid of these!

Even the newspaper can be very graphic and ungodly. If you are not sure, don’t look at it. If Jesus wouldn’t look at it get rid of it.

4. Immoral friends. “Bad company corrupts good morals.”

5. Listening to ANY ungodly music, i.e. rap music, rock music, punk, etc. If the lyrics aren’t squeaky clean do NOT listen to it. Typically Christian, classical and jazz music are usually acceptable. Be discerning.

6. Wearing anything on your body that is ungodly, for example, hexagrams, peace signs, new age symbols, tattoos of ungodly pictures, etc.

7. Looking at ANY type of astrology. This is worship of the stars for direction and it is considered blasphemy in the Word of God.

8. Attending any church that does not acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord. Even if they say they are Christian, if they are not completely biblically based and founded solely on the Word of Jesus Christ it is NOT Christian.

9. Allowing your mind to wander, to daydream, to fantasize and not controlling what comes into your mind. Being spiritually lazy will allow demons to fester.

10. Meditating that is not Christ based, i.e., eastern mantras, Sylvia Mind Control, chanting, hypnotism, etc.

11. Sexual Immorality. This means ANY type of sex outside of a Godly sanctified marriage is wrong. If you are single and in a relationship with an unbeliever this is sin. If you are dating and doing ANYTHING more than kissing this is fornication which is a serious sin in the eyes of God.

12. Adultery. If you are thinking about, daydreaming, fantasizing or in relationship with ANYONE who is not your spouse you are committing adultery. This is a heinous sin in the eyes of God and will send you to hell. If this is you repent, break off the relationship and cry out to God for strength to turn from your sin.

13. If you have not had Inner Healing and have suffered any wounds from your past this will often be the legal grounds demons will use to keep you in bondage.

14. Allowing perverted dreams. Repent of them and rebuke them each time they occur. Find out why they are coming into your mind. What is the open door?

15. Not putting on The Armor of God.

16. Involvement with sin, such as gossiping, pilfering, stealing, judging others, making fun of others, etc.  See The Official List of New Testament Sins 

17. Unforgiveness towards others.

18. Generational Curses

19. Disrespecting your parents.

20. Past sins that you have not repented of.

21. You really enjoy the demons in your life. For example, someone wants to get set free from the demonic bondage of smoking but they really enjoy cigarettes and the social interaction it affords them. It will be impossible for complete deliverance until you fully hate the sin and it’s addiction.

22. Attending places that are ungodly, e.g. bars, strip clubs, porn stores, buddhist temples, Mormon temples, Jehovah Witness temples, New Age stores, gay or transgender night clubs, questionable plays or entertainment, inappropriate comedy clubs, visiting haunted houses, etc.

23. Speaking disrespectfully against anyone in ministry, particular your pastor or anyone in leadership in the church.

24. Celebrating ANY type of pagan holiday such as Halloween, New moon festivals, Winter Solstice, etc.

25. You are not walking out your deliverance deliberately and faithfully.

26. You are not in some sort of Christian fellowship, accountability and committed prayer with others.

27. Demons from past residents have not yet been cleansed from your home.

28. You have not cut the soul ties from past people, places, things or animals.

29. Any occult involvement such as Satanism, New Age, Palm Reading, Fortune Telling, Reiki, etc.

30. Comparing yourself to others. This is a grave sin against God.

31. Spending excess time on the internet, particularly Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. . These can be Satan’s tools to get you to compare, get you discouraged and keep you stuck in your mindset.

32. You never had the demons cast out. We know that demons are cast out by the peace in our lives, the clear thoughts, there is no longer any demonic influence and you no longer feel a darkness within you. You feel a sense of relief in your heart and mind.

The key to freedom from demons is PURITY and HOLINESS. 

These are only some of the reasons demons have a right to stay in your life. As you go through this list one by one, prayerfully ask the Holy Spirit to reveal any hidden sins in your life and any areas where you might be in disobedience. Keep a notebook to list what God is showing you. I encourage you do this during a 90 day media fast. If you are uncertain as to the specifics of each sin I teach on most of these and they can be found on my blog site. Take one day for each of the 32 reasons and ask God to speak to you in this area. Be intentional and very honest with yourself.

It is God’s will that you be completely set free from all demonic bondage. If you seek Him with your whole heart complete deliverance will come. Be patient. Demons must leave under the authority of Jesus Christ. If you are tenacious they may put up a fight but they will ultimately have to leave and they know it. Be steadfast. Never give up.

I highly encourage you take some time to read from the website Spiritually Cleansing Your Home for more in-depth understanding of how Satan works to enter our lives.

4 thoughts on “32 Reasons WHY You Still Can’t Get Rid of the DEMONS in YOUR Life

  1. Hello Jackie
    Thank you for your website it’s really helped me. I have been particularly helped by your posts relating to spiritual warfare. Since I have started to put on the armour each day I have found that I have a peace and a calm inside. I will print of the book marks and give these to friends and will encourage them to wear the armour of God.
    In addition when ‘things ‘ come against me I put the armour on again and trust in the Lord . I have noticed the difference in my walk and the presence of God seems closer, I have also read your post about releasing the river of life. That’s really exciting.
    I hope you will continue to bless us with your wonderful website. Did you raise the funds you needed in order to continue?
    Bless you . Jean

    1. Thank you so much Jean, I truly appreciate the encouraging words. No, I never received enough to upgrade the site so that I can record limitless audio. I was only able to renew as a basic level which limits the gigabytes. It would take $200.00 for an upgrade. Thank you for your kind words and thoughts. blessings

      1. Hi Jackie
        Do you do audios about mis matched marriages and what is 200 American dollars in English pounds ?
        Bless you x

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