Join Me on a 40 day NO NAGGING Fast!

God recently told me to go on a 40 day No Nagging fast. This would include making any suggestions or offering unsolicited advice to Michael, my husband.  Then God said: 

“See how loud I can speak to Michael when you keep quiet!”

The bible has many verses that warn against nagging. Here’s a good one:

“It is better to live alone in the desert than with a crabby, complaining, nagging wife.”  Prov. 21: 19

Nagging is sin. It is hurtful, manipulative, controlling, damaging, it destroys joy, eats away at a persons self-esteem, undermines God’s order of respect and causes others to be annoyed with you. It pushes people away.

Now, today I am just talking about nagging your spouse but husbands can be naggers also, I’m well aware of that. If you are a husband that nags your wife then you need to be on the fast. Parents can also nag their children. This is just as hurtful. If you are a nagging parent you should be fasting as well.

Nagging is a back-handed way to get what YOU want. When you nag you are feeling out of control and are using nagging to try to get what you want. It’s a form of witchcraft. It’s insidious. 

I’ve known that I am a nagger. My mother was a nagger. I’ll bet her mother was a nagger. “The sins of the fathers (and mothers) SHALL be passed down…” Exodus 34:7

My excuse is that I do it because I care about Michael’s heath, his peace of mind and his spiritual walk. Because I love him so much I want to see him healthy, successful and more spiritual – this leads me to nagging. I may call it “suggestions or advice or reminders” but it all comes back to nagging him. I didn’t realize how often I kept making suggestions to him until I went on the fast. It was probably at least once an hour that I would have to stop myself from saying something. The first 2 weeks were killing me. I would have to physically put my index finger over my lips to stop myself from nagging. But after the 2nd week a great peace descended over me. I stepped back and watched God work. It felt so good to relinquish control of my husband over to God.   I felt less anxious. Each time I was tempted to say something that I knew I shouldn’t be saying I would simply pray for the situation. Regardless of the outcome I was determined to trust God. Then a miracle happened.

Michael went out to dinner with my daughter and her boyfriend. On the way home my daughter noticed a lady walking along the side of the road. Alexandria felt prompted to pull over and ask her if she needed a ride. Tentatively the woman said she did. Once she was in the car the woman began to open up. She said her husband had been abusive to her and as she drove away from home her car broke down. Alexandria gave the woman her phone number and told her to contact her anytime she needed help. Just as they pulled up to the woman’s door Michael asked if he could pray for her.  Michael began to pray and speak the Word over her with authority. Once they got home Alexandria was so excited about the change in her dad, as he is usually very quiet and not very overt about his faith. She said that she was shocked about the boldness that had overtaken him. It was then that I told her about my 40 day fast. She was amazed.


Do you want to see a miracle? Do you want to stop sinning and manipulating? Then join me on a 40 day no nagging fast. Start right now. Take God at His Word. Then look for God to speak and move as you keep still.

“Be STILL (quiet, without talking) and know that I am God.” Ps. 46:10

(If you have been needing answers to prayer this is an excellent time to begin to ask God to move on your behalf. Claim all the promises you have been given in regard to fasting. Read all my posts on Fasting to remind yourself of God’s promises.)

5 thoughts on “Join Me on a 40 day NO NAGGING Fast!

  1. Hello, Thank you for these 40 day prayers, my Husband Nags, he doesn’t appreciate anything that i and the children do in the house, he is always shouting at us, doesn’t respond even when you try to talk to him,he doesn’t buy food and doesn’t pay Utility bills.We are married in church but he is seeing another woman who is using witchcraft on him. Amen!!!

  2. IM in this fast my hubby is the nagger seeing all mistakes in me even the food I cook the cleaning in the house going out without informing me never anwers his phone when I ask why this or that he stars t swearing at me so let me just stop ask And pray
    He is stubborn do things on purpose show off and insults humiliating me seems he see some else but I need revelation this is for years that he do his own thing ignorese totally but nagging and nagging always Thanks im on the fast

  3. Thsnks Jacky I defenitley need to go wit you on this fast .Mu husband is draving me cracy .Nags all the ti.e time .Food not good nough prepare house not clean enojgh Notghing I do it right.Im so stressed But thank God for this Stop nagging fass. I NORMALLY ANSWER THEN ITS END IN A ARGUMENT..HESLIPS AWAY FROM HOME WHEN i callhe is not picking up.He came homelare Dare me to askwv
    Where were youwhy did nt you anwer He starts swearing at me.He didnt touch or kisses me it must come from meso that he can give me a cold shoulder and rejects me.It hurts so much.But thank God ad from today Im on a fast and start to pray for him. Please pray with me to bequiet .we dont undertsa ndeach other norespect ftom his d
    Side no love Im just tied for the way he treats me .please pray with me Thanks

    1. Peggy, our prayer team is now lifting up your situation. I encourage you to read all my posts under The Armor of God as this will give you the power to overcome your situation. Also, I encourage you to be sure that you have broken all Generational Curses as this can greatly affect your marriage and your children. Standing with you in faith.

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