2 thoughts on “The Balm of Gilead – HEALING FROM YOUR PAINFUL PAST

  1. Hi Jackie from France. i have been using those last days the balm of Gilead and results are just miraculous and stunning. i could instantaneaously feel on my spirit and emotion the applying of the balm. my husband had been cheeting on me and now he has left the house (not christian ) and this has left me on the verge of suicide as for me this was a matter of life and death and divorce and adultery were never a thing imaginable. so this request to have the balm of gilead on every feeling , every memory or even the word mariage and the name of my husband has litteraly changed my life in a matter of hours. added to the oil of gladness that i asked also (isaiah 61) yesterday i went to bed with a smile on my lips.. this had not happened in years. so 1 million time thank you for that teaching. i still don’t know if i have to pray for my mariage as my husband is extremely stubborn concerning the Lord;i have also listened to you post on i can’t love my spouse (but Jesus can) . feels good to listen to you

    1. Praise God sister! This is such wonderful news and came at a time when I needed to be encouraged! Read all my teachings under Marriage, Spiritual Warfare and Armor of God. Since you asked about how to pray for your husband I will record a teaching on youtube called Speak Life Over your Spouse. Use that as the pattern of prayer over your husband. Also, listen to my Audio Meditations, they may help. I am available for counseling if you should ever feel like you need some personal encouragement. I will now have our Prayer Team to begin to intercede for your marriage. Standing with you in faith and love.

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