Do YOU have a DEMON? Here’s how to find out.


6 thoughts on “Do YOU have a DEMON? Here’s how to find out.

  1. Please help me and my husband we have been married for 10 years and I feel like I feel out of love with him but I know deep down inside I do love him but addiction has a big part of our relationship how do I bring that love back he loves me and I can see that and feel it but I feel like I just fell out of love with him out of nowhere and divorce keeps running through my mind and saying that we will can never bring the love back what do I do..

    1. Christal,

      Be sure that you are Saved and Right with God.

      When fighting these types of battles it is impertinent that you begin to fast and pray. (Read all my posts under Fasting). I recommend a long fast such as 6 months to one year. The most powerful fasts are often Media Fasts. This means no TV, No movies, no social media, or internet, etc. Only listen to Christian music and read the bible. This can drive away much of the darkness and prepare the ground for deliverance.

      I encourage you to read all our posts on Armor of God, be sure to follow the instructions very carefully as this will be your key to overcoming difficulties and spiritual warfare. Also, listen to the Audio Meditation on Putting on the Armor of God as this will guide you in the process as to how to put it on.

      I also encourage you to read all our posts on Inner Healing, as this will help to bring healing to your mind and heart during this stressful time. This will also help insure that a root of bitterness does not develop and cause further pain in your life. I would encourage you to further read the teachings under Demons, Discouragement, Spiritual Warfare, Growing Spiritually and Wisdom. Take time to peruse all the Audio Meditations as they can be very beneficial for specific situations and can help guide you through the healing process.

      Daily Quiet Time is essential during this time. As this will bring you the peace and solace that you will need during this time.

      Its very important to find a good Christian counselor that can help you find out why you are continuing to struggle in this area. A pastor, pastors wife, knowledgeable church teacher or leader may also work.

      Generational Curses must be broken. If even if don’t think you have any it’s critical to review your history and walk through prayers to be certain. Read this teaching that will guide you through the process.
      True and sorrowful repentance of ALL past and present sins can be one of the most powerful forms of deliverance. Spend the next 30 days asking God to reveal all sin in your life and repent of each individually. Read the book The Bondage Breakers by Neil Anderson. It is powerful and has helped millions to be set free.

      Our Prayer Team is now lifting up your situation.

      We are standing with you in Hope and Faith. Please make this letter your point of Fatih Contact.

  2. Hello Jackie,

    thank you for all your helpful posts I am getting in touch as I am a survivor of satanism and mind control. I was hoping that you may know of any support groups, or recommend any books that may be useful. I have been diagnosed with schizophrenia, but believe this was just programmed into me as I experienced memories of the abuse myself and others have suffered. I am also concerned that I may have a demon attached to me. Please could you offer me some advice and possibly some hope too ?

    With very best wishes,

    From Marie Wade

    On 2/20/20, Mountain Streams Healing Center: Founded by Jackie Osinski

    1. Hello Marie, I offer personal counseling. Please refer to my homepage for details. I am sorry that I do not know of any support groups. You may want to purchase the book The Adversary by Dave Brubeck or Bondage Breakers by Neil Anderson. God very best to you.

  3. Jackie, your insight is so good for me. Thank you. I have been alienated from my 3 adult daughters Mandie 26, Courtney 23 and Lexxy 21 for almost 5 years. In a nutshell., y ex was alienating them from me while we were married. She has a severe narcississtic personality disorder, a drug probem, as a nurse she was fired from both hospitals in our city for testing positive and missing drugs. Adultery followed this. She has been convincing my daughters to become lesbians. I am broken. Shattered. But yet the Lord gives me hope on a daily basis. I have seen the demon. He will not come near my home because my home belings to the Lord. They live 5 miles down the road. I have been casting out tje demon for 5 years on an almost daily basis. I have not fasted. I need help and advice. John Martin

    1. John,
      As I am no longer offering counseling solutions online I would be very glad to work with you via phone or Skype as the Private Counseling page explains. Our Prayer Team is now lifting up your situation. Standing with you in faith.

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