I love Myself – Print Out

To be recited out loud at least once a week


I love, honor and respect myself. I love how GOD has God created me. I love who I am becoming. This love fills my mind, my body and my very being. This love comes from knowing that I am a child of God. I was created with an amazing purpose and plan. Each day as I seek God I can know in a greater way God’s love for me and God’s purpose for my life. I am worthy to be loved because God first loved me. Because I am loved by God I can now release all fears, worries and apprehensions. I can now relinquish all criticisms, judgements and expectations of others. I am complete in Christ because God’s Word tells me so. I can rest in knowing that my life, my finances, my relationships and my future are in God’s hands.

I love myself because I have been created with unique and valuable gifts, talents, desires and dreams. I love my potential. I love myself because I know that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Even when I make mistakes I know that I am forgiven and mistakes do not change my love for myself.  Mistakes are simply learning times. I love myself because the past holds no power over me. I am confident in who I am. I am self-assured. I no longer need to hold myself up to others expectations, judgements or standards. I only need to know that I am perfectly loved by my heavenly Father.

I am powerful.  I am patient with myself. I am gentle and kind with myself. I encourage and believe in myself. I am loving with myself. I am my biggest fan. I believe fully in my unique talents and gifts. I treat myself with great respect and reverence. The more love that I give out the more that Gods love fills me. As I allow God’s love to flow through me others are attracted to me. God’s love radiates from me everywhere I go. People can see and feel God’s love flowing from me. This makes me smile.

I am committed to my dreams, my passions and to my desires. I am amazing. I am a part of God’s divinity, nobility and power. I choose to spend my time, energy and thoughts to nurture those dreams and desires which God has placed in my heart. I take time daily to care for my body, through exercise, healthy eating and quiet time with God. I use self-control in all areas of my life. This reflects self-care and love. Because I love myself I do not allow others to affect how I feel about myself. I am steadfast, immovable and unshakeable in my love for myself.

It is God’s deepest desire that I love and care for myself.  I now choose to love myself unconditionally – no matter how much I weigh, how I look, how I feel or what I’ve done. I remind myself daily that I am so very valuable. I am precious to God.

I now rest secure in God’s unconditional love for me.

I love myself exactly as I am.