SHUT the door to Past PAIN & REGRETS!

One thought on “SHUT the door to Past PAIN & REGRETS!

  1. Hello Pastor Please join me to pray for my unsaved kids I am a born again mom and a widow for over 27years only got saved after my husband passing At my worst only solution I had was Jesus I need prayers for Kieran my last son I want you to join me and pray for him he goes to stay after work every day now works from home for liberty life he is an actural very beautiful soul Jesus must protect him if any of those friends has an movtive he won’t say me anything I trust him but concern mom A pray for my gran daughter Vereese Moodley has a lump on her breast with Covid in South Africa And looting fights is crazy but I know Jesus is in control that lump rewsince last year But our Jesus will supernatural heal Amen Love you Shirley God bless

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