Audio Meditations for Inner Healing


1. Anchoring In – This can help bring peace, serenity and mindfulness.


2. Overcoming Rejection – Helping you to once again feel loved and secure.


3. Overcoming Fear  


4.  Meditation for Restful Nights Sleep 


5. Gratefulness – When we become more grateful everything changes.



6.  Prayer for Weight Loss  


7. Unrequited Love – Healing for when you love but are not loved back.


8. Forgiveness after an Abortion


9. Replacing Dark thoughts When Your Spouse Commits Adultery


10. Quiet Time – A excellent practice to find inner peace, strength and tranquility.    


11. Shake it Off! – Releasing Burdens in a very powerful way.


12. To Daughter from Mom – When you need to hear loving words from your mom.



13. Healing After a Divorce


14. Healing Prayer & Meditation Against Night Terrors  


15. Healing for Physical Ailments and Pain  


16. Loneliness – Feel God’s love and healing presence.


17. Evening Meditation – A beautiful way to close the day.



18. False Responsibility – We bear burdens that were never ours in the first place.


19. Courage To Face a Situation


20. Control that Tongue – What you say will direct the course of your life.


21. Loss of a Loved One 


22. I Love and Forgive Myself – Excellent for those who struggle with loving themselves.


23. Love Is…. Listen to what God’s Word tells us love really is.


24. Marriage Turmoil – Finding peace in the midst of  heartache and despair.


25. When Single but want to be Married – Powerful Word to all single men & women.


26. Visualizing Your Angels – Powerful helpers that can protect & help you.


27. Warfare Prayer Psalm 91 – Most powerful prayer for protection & safety.


28. Jealousy – Jealousy is sin & it will destroy your love and joy.


30. When Struggling with Anxiety


31. Replace those Negative Words – Words direct the course of your life.


32. Psalm 23 A Healing Word – A powerful audio to calm  and reassure your mind.


33. When Your Heart Can’t Heal – When you have tried all else to heal & need more.


34. When Your Spouse Has Left You – Find peace & hope in the midst of your despair.


35. Bubble of Peace – When you are anxious & need to feel peace no matter what.


36. Prayer for a Tormented Mind 


37. Rebellious Teens – Don’t fight this battle alone. Be empowered.


38. Breaking Addictions


39. Troubled by Past Mistakes – Is your past haunting you? This audio is for you.


40. Counselor Jesus – If you need encouragement  from God.


41. When You Have Been Fired – It is God’s will for you to live in hope and joy.


42.  Life is Safe – Excellent for when life feels out of control


43. I love Myself – This will help you start appreciating the miracle of God that you are!