You Have a River in Your Belly

“He who believes in Me – from his innermost being shall flow rivers of living water.” Jn. 7:38

What lives in a river? All sorts of fish, insects, plants and countless micro-organisms. Birds flock to it, sunlight dances off of it, rain flows down upon it. People kayak and boat on it. Families swim in it. Homes are built around it. People come to fish in it. Life in a river just keeps flowing and flowing, growing and growing, giving and giving.  Life in a river never ends, never stops and is always rejuvenating.

Is your life stagnant, boring, purposeless and beginning to feel meaningless? If you are a believer and walking with the Lord you need to realize that your river has been stopped up!

There is a mighty river of power, purpose and life ready to explode from you – you just need to release it!


When Jesus said that there is a river of living water He wasn’t just referring to the good seasons of your life – He was referring to the daily existence in our mundane lives. How do you release the river? You speak to it! Speak this prayer with POWER, OUT LOUD, WITH AUTHORITY.  Speak this out every morning, several times a day, anytime you feel down in the dumps. Try it right now!!!

“Today in the name of Jesus I speak a release to the river of life that is flowing out of me. I speak purpose, power, vibrancy, energy, hope, strength, life and vitality. I take authority over any areas that would hinder this river. I command all blockages get out-of-the-way in Jesus name. I am looking for new beginnings today, new energy, new healing, new faith, new strength and new joy.  That river flowing out of me comes from the very throne room of heaven and has everything that I need to live the life Christ has ordained for me and the mission He has set out for me.”

Don’t allow another minute to pass you by – there is a rich, flowing river and God wants you in it.