SOUL Ties: Wrong Sexual Relationships

Exif_JPEG_PICTUREWhen God created the first man and woman, Adam and Eve, He brought them together as husband and wife, blessed them and said “They shall become one flesh.”  When two people have sexual intercourse they become one person, physically and spiritually.  They have made a soul tie: A deep attachment within their body, mind and spirit. This soul tie is deep and lasting.  A soul tie is intended just for one man and one woman.  When sin comes in and people use sex out of the context that God created it for then we have a lot of problems.  

Any sex – that means ANY type of touching – outside of marriage between one woman and one man – is sin and is never God’s will.

If two men are having sex, or two women, or a man and a woman (outside of marriage) there is still a soul tie that is created.  You can have a soul tie with a prostitute.  Lesbians and homosexuals can have soul ties. A person can have a soul tie with an animal. You can even develop soul ties by just spending excessive amounts of time with a person –  albeit on the phone, through texting, messaging or e-mails. It can be very easy to become attached to a person when there is a lot of sharing of thoughts, dreams and ideas. Thus soul ties don’t always occur just due to physical contact – it can be emotional as well.

The bible is very clefile4241339100648ar that God loves all mankind.  Yet God, as Creator, still has His laws that He has set down. Homosexuality is sin. It doesn’t matter how much you love that person or are committed to that person, sex between two men or two women is sin and there is an eternal price to pay for it.  Any sex outside the boundaries of marriage is wrong.

Soul ties can also develop when there has been a lot of intimacy between two people. When you begin to open up your heart and share the depth of your mind and soul with someone, a soul tie can develop, even without sex. Often this type of relationship opens the door for adultery. Soul ties to anyone but your spouse are wrong.  It is an unnatural affection that keeps you bound to that person. 

I am seeing more and more soul ties between women. Due to the lack of communication and commitment in marriages women often turn to each other for consolation. There is nothing wrong with this. But when a girlfriend begins to take the emotional and spiritual place of a husband – a deep soul tie can develop. This is often where jealousies, envies and other problems begin to develop. Girlfriends can be a blessing – but developing a soul tie with a friend can have detrimental consequences.

Can Christian women become lesbians simply by opening up their hearts to other women? In time, if a strong soul tie develops it can happen – I have seen it.

There are many couples who have had premarital sex and when they are married they often visualize former sexual partners while they are having sex with their spouse.  When an individual finds their soul mate and is finally ready to settle down soul ties often bring much confusion, heartache, distrust, perversion and uncertainty  into the relationship.  Soul ties to anyone but your spouse is bad for anyone who desires to live a life free of sin and mental anguish.  

How can you be set free from soul ties? First if you are in any sexual or intimate relationship outside of marriage it needs to be broken – it is a serious sin.  Second, take the time to repent for each soul tie that you have been involved with in the past. Speaking the person’s name out loud, confess that you no longer want the soul tie and you now choose to break it.  

For example: “Lord, I see that sex and excessive emotional ties outside of marriage is wrong.  I am truly sorry and I repent.  In Jesus name I now break the soul tie that I made with ______ (name all individuals with whom you have ties with).  I no longer want that tie and I no longer need it in my life.  I thank you that in faith I am free from all attachments of the past.  Please give me the power of the Holy Spirit to live a pure life for you.”  In Jesus name I pray. amen.