Prayer for PEACE of MIND during Spiritual Battle


When you are facing the anguish of spiritual battles the mind is often in torment. I understand. Right now, take 3 long deep breaths. Quiet your mind. Breathe in God’s love and peace, breathe out fear and anxiety. I encourage you to say this short prayer out loud on a daily basis. At any moment during the day if you feel that anxiety rising, pull out this prayer and say it again. Blessings.

“Dear Lord, I come to you broken, tired and dejected. I am weary of fighting these battles. I now relinquish control over my situation. I now give you control over my family, my work, my marriage and _________________. In the name of Jesus I now command fear, worry, anxiety and every thought that is not of God to leave my mind. I now choose to walk in the perfect peace that God desires for my life. I now choose to trust that God is at work in my life and in all my situations. I submit my mind, will and emotions to the Lord Jesus Christ. God’s perfect love is a barrier around me and all that I have therefore I refuse to come under fear but choose to walk in faith. I remind myself that each day is a new beginning and I now choose to rejoice in God’s goodness. I command my emotions to be steady and stable all day long. Today I will walk by faith knowing that God loves me and has the best for me.    In Jesus name.    amen