So many people think they were born gay, lesbian, or transgendered.  Not so.  The Word of God tells us clearly in Genesis 5:2

“He created them MALE and FEMALE.”

There is no in-between with God. You were either born male or female. What you “feel”, what you “believe”, what you “crave” or what you “think” will not change the fact that you were created either male or female.  The rare physical exception would be a hermaphrodite. By definition this is “a person born with both male and female sex organs.” This is quite rare and must be dealt with separately. Yet even in these cases there is no confusion with God – you are either male or the female.


The problem is that our society has “allowed” for individuals to “choose” their sexuality.  This is ungodly and unscriptural.  “He created them MALE and FEMALE.”  There is no confusion with God. Confusion comes when we disagree with God, doubt or question God, or defy God. This is sin. It opens up a demonic door to the confused sexualities that we are now seeing – beginning at childhood. Never before have we seen parents allow their children the “choice” of their sexuality. Confused parents think that they can allow their little boys or girls the freedom to “pick” if they want to be a boy or girl. This is very wrong and ungodly.  This is demonic. “He created them MALE and FEMALE.”

When a confused parent begins to teach a little girl that she may one day want to be a boy a spirit of confusion comes over the child. Shaving a little girls hair, making her dress as a boy, purchasing only boy toys and not allowing her to play with dolls only adds to the confusion. This tells a little girl “We don’t affirm who God made you. We don’t believe that God knew what He was doing. We are now going to teach you that you can be a boy – if that is who you want to be.”

With these kinds of words and actions towards a child they are now ripe for the demonic realm to come in and confuse this small childs minds. Children are born helpless – mentally, physically and spiritually. Parents, teachers and grandparents are responsible for giving Godly, wise guidance so that this child will understand their divine purpose, their true God-given sexuality and how to fulfill God’s plan for their lives. Without this moral support a child is left for the wolves of the demonic realm – homosexuality, transgender, bi-sexuality and any other confusing ways of life style.

Parents and grandparents should be protecting children from all the wrong and warped ideas that the world is espousing. When a parent or grandparent just “accepts” the wrong ideas or actions that a child or a teen is showing they are in turn affirming that these bizarre behaviors are good and acceptable. How very sad for a child who is already struggling to try to figure life out and then have to deal with all the twisted ideas about perverse sexuality. Parents and Grandparents have a responsibility to speak up and speak the truth in love and grace. Your silence only affirms to the confused children that it is acceptable to homosexual, bi-sexual or transgender.


What if you are already bi-sexual, homosexual or transgender? Is there hope? Is there healing? Yes. When we see that what we have been doing is wrong we can now come to Christ, ask for forgiveness of our sins and ask the Lord to begin the healing process of restoring our minds and bodies. The journey is often long and difficult  – but it can be done. There are wonderful support groups to lovingly help those who have been led astray. The best group that I know of is Exodus. I have heard many amazing testimonies of those who were once living the gay or transgender life-style and came into healing and freedom through this great ministry.

If you are transgender, gay, bi or any other off-sexuality there is healing for you. You are God’s little lost sheep – broken, confused, hurting, wounded and lost. God is calling you back to Him.

“Dear Lord, I pray for my friend who has been lost for so long. Bring him/her back to you. Let him/her see your truth. Let them once again come back to you. Let them know that you love them, that there is room for repentance and that you never deny anyone who sincerely desires to get right with you. I ask that you would surround them with your love today. Touch them with your healing warmth. Bring them home today.   In Jesus name I pray.    amen