A Powerful Prayer to Break ANY Addiction

The following prayer can be used for any type of addiction that you may have. It should be said out loud. Each time the temptation to give into the addiction arises say this prayer OUT LOUD with authority!

Dear Lord I now come to you because I confess that I have an addiction to ________________.  Lord, please forgive me for continually giving into this wrong habit, I know that it is wrongfile000479413853 and I recognize this. I no longer desire this addiction, I don’t want it, I don’t need it and in the name of Jesus I now break the chains of control it has had on me. I recognize how this evil addiction has stolen my time, my money, my energy, my purity and my peace.

Satan I now command that you leave me and my family in Jesus name. You have no power over me. You are the father of addictions and I no long want any part of you. I now cover my mind, my thoughts, my body and my actions under the powerful blood of Jesus Christ.

Heavenly Father I humbly beseech you that I would receive the healing I need so that I no longer need this addiction to fulfill me. I now choose to submit myself, my mind and my body to the Lord Jesus Christ. I refuse to continue to be a slave to _________________. By the power of the Holy Spirit I will continue to fight this addiction with all that is within me. I now confess that it is God’s will for me to be free from this addiction.  In Jesus name I pray.   amen

Each time the temptation returns simply say:

_________________(name the former addiction) you have no power over me. I am a child of God. This addiction no longer has any power over me. Jesus took this addiction to the cross. Therefore it cannot belong to any part of me. I am free of all addictions in Jesus name. 

Each morning  say this out loud:  “Drugs, alcohol, food, caffeine,cigarettes, porn, _________________ you have no power over me for God has given me power over all things.” 

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