Prayer for the Woman Having an Affair with Your Husband

If you are the wife of a man who is committing adultery you are in one of the hardest places a woman can be. I suggest that you read all my teachings on Armor offile1251308241774-3 God, Spiritual Warfare, Adultery and Forgiveness. Below is a prayer for the woman who is committing adultery with your husband. I suggest you pray it out loud, daily and as many times a day as you feel you need to.

Dear Lord, I come to you broken, lonely, tired and empty. I lift up _________ to you. I pray that her eyes would be opened to see the damage that she has done to our family. Lord show her the pain that she has caused, the wrong she has done and the evil of her ways. Lord, I now pray you send a spirit of conviction upon _______ that she may feel sorrowful conviction and repentance. Let her eyes be open to see that she is causing my husband to break his wedding vows. Show her that her decision will cost her eternity with you. Give this woman the healing she needs in her life so that she can turn from her wrong doing and turn to you. I pray you save her soul. 

Lord, I don’t have the strength to forgive this woman, but with your power I allow you to forgive her through me. I now choose to forgive _______. Show her the error of her ways. Teach her the fear of God. I pray that each time she even thinks about my husband she will feel sick to her stomach and that she will know this must stop.

In the name of Jesus I now break all soul ties between _______ and _______. I now sever all relationships, feelings and desires that are not of you. We curse the very root of this affair. I now claim in Jesus name that it will not continue for God’s Word tells us that no weapon formed against our family can prosper.

Lord, keep my heart free from anger, bitterness, unforgiveness and despair. I put my hope solely in you. You are my love and my hiding place. It is in you that I put my trust.    In Jesus name we pray.    amen