We have all had perverted dreams. Lets face it, we live in a perverted society. You can’t stand in line at the grocery store without ten magazines exploiting their sexual updates. Perverted dreams come from one of three places:

1) You have been looking at inappropriate or questionable movies or magazines – porn, sexual movies, sexual games, sexual tv shows, sexual pictures, graphic images, pictures of nude children. 

2) You have been allowing perverted thoughts – such as daydreaming about sexual fantasies. 

3) You are being demonically attacked with perverted dreams. No fault of your own.

What’s so wrong about perverted dreams anyways?  If you have opened the door to allow them in then you have to take responsibility for them – they are still your thoughts.  They will hinder your prayers from being answered and if you have opened the door through sin you must take responsibility for them. In that case they are sin. They will make you feel “dirty.” They will put a sense of condemnation upon you. They can entice you to act out the perversion. You will stand before God one day and give account of your wrong thoughts and actions.

It is important to find out the source of the perverted dreams. Are you having them because you opened yourself up to them by watching or reading something inappropriate? or are you being demonically attacked to make you feel “dirty?” If you have not opened up the door to any inappropriate movies, books, internet, etc. you can know it is a demonic attack on your mind to inject these thoughts into your mind to make you  feel dirty, unholy, guilty or lure you into sin.

When you wake up after having one you will say “Satan, I recognize these perverted dreams are from you. I don’t want these thoughts and I rebuke them now in Jesus name.”

You will do this each time you have a perverted dream. If they continue then you may need to do some soul-searching and ask the Lord to show you if you opened up the door to perversion unknowingly. Then repent. Turn from your sin. Throw out the porn, stay off the internet, throw out the unclean magazines, get off the TV,  don’t go near the porn shop, don’t let your mind wander and have fantasies, break off the perverted relationship – GET AWAY FROM THE PERVERSION – whatever it takes.

If you have seen anything that shows another person naked, people having sex, sexual innuendoes or perverted jokes, you are in sin. The bible clearly points out “I will put no worthless thing in front of my eyes.”

Watching two people have sex on a screen is worthless and evil.  Looking at a Playboy magazine is sin. Watching two lesbians have sex is sin. Watching two men kiss and have sex is sin – it is wrong and inappropriate. ANY KIND of sexuality – that means watching anything more than a man and woman kiss – is sin.

Another way perverted dreams and thoughts can enter is through sexual relationship with those who are either unsaved or involved with any type of porn or other sexual perversion. The Word of God is clear that “Light has NO fellowship with DARKNESS.” I have counseled Godly Christian men and women who began having perverted dreams by being intimately involved with those who were involved with perversion, even though the Believer was trying their best to follow the Lord. Sexually intimacy with anyone outside of marriage is wrong but it will open up dark doors of perversion in your thoughts and dreams if you are a Christian. 

You may be one of the God-fearing Christians that aren’t engaging or indulging in aforementioned sinful activities. Many  Christians have spent hours praying and rebuking the devil in the name of Jesus. Yet the perverted thoughts and dreams still persist,  you are tormented day and night. Charles Spurgeons teaching gives an immense amount of peace, he states, “These thoughts, if you hate them, are none of yours, but are injections of the Devil, for which he is responsible, and not you. If you strive against them, they are no more yours than are the cursings and falsehoods of rioters in the street. ” If this is your case then begin a 90 day media fast and have several belivers praying and warfaring with you. Continue to do this until the attacks stop. Next, read Psalm 91 out loud each night before you go to bed. Finally, pray this simple prayer before you fall asleep: Dear Lord, I now cover my mind, thoughts and body under the blood of Jesus Christ. I pray that my mind be protected from all perverse and ungodly dreams as I sleep. I pray my sleep will be sweet and that You would watch over me.  In Jesus name I pray.  amen

Next, Put on the Armor of God each day (read all my posts on Armor of God) do this out loud and say “I now come against all perverted thoughts and dreams. I will no longer allow these to torment my mind. I don’t want them and I don’t need them. I am holy even as God is holy.”