Prayer When a Husband/Wife Commits Adultery


“Heavenly Father you know how broken my heart is. I feel hurt, abandoned, angry, confused and tormented. Lord, come into my heart and heal it. Touch every part of me that is broken and aching. Heal the hurt of my husband/wife betraying me. Heal the hurt of my husband/wife lying to me. Lord I have so many hurts please heal them all. Lord, give me wisdom. I’m not sure what to do. As you speak to me give me the courage to follow through.

Lord, give me new direction. I know with you all things are possible. I would ask that you would show my husband/wife the wrong he/she has done. Show him/her the pain he/she has caused. Convict him/her. Turn his/her heart around to want to do right. Give him/her a new heart. Lord, I am asking that you would heal our marriage. I know with you all things are possible. I pray my husband/wife would be willing.

In the name of Jesus I now pull down this demonic spirit of ADULTERY – it has NO POWER over me, my spouse and our marriage. SATAN – get your hands off of our marriage in Jesus name! I now claim healing, restoration, love and forgiveness over our marriage, our family and our relationship. I now confess that Satan’s powers are broken and Jesus rules and reigns over our marriage. I now claim complete restoration in our relationship.

Lord, I cannot forgive him/her. I feel so much anger, hate and bitterness. Lord, I allow YOU to forgive him/her through me. Lord, during this time I ask that you would fill me with your love. You have never abandoned me. You have never forsaken me. I put my trust completely in you. Hold my hand as I walk this difficult journey. Send angels to minister to me.”

In Jesus name I pray.


Friend, I encourage ¬†you to say this prayer out LOUD, with authority. Say it first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Every time you feel out of control or upset repeat this prayer. God is on YOUR side. I am praying for you. Satan’s powers are broken.