Prayer When a House is Haunted by Demons

“Today in Jesus name I take authority over the demonic activity that has been occurring in our home. I claim our home for the Lord Jesus Christ. I will no longer allow strange occurrences. I command that every demon from hell leave our home now in Jesus name. This home belongs to me and my family and we are under the Lordship of Jesus. You no longer have a right to be here. You are now trespassing on private property. I command that you leave immediately.”
This needs to be said out loud, very firmly, with absolute confidence. If  problems continue to occur this should be repeated each time.
“Lord – I ask that you would now send protective angels to be round about our home. I ask that your presence would drive away any darkness that would try to come back. Help me and my family to not open any door to the demonic realm. I ask that a spirit of peace would reside upon our home. Fill our home with your light and your love.” In Jesus name I pray.  amen
If you have had any occult involvement  – Wicca, Satanism, rituals, dealing with mediums, speaking to the dead, seances, palm reading, tarot cards, Ouija board, dungeons and dragons, video games of occult, etc, you must stop immediately. Any books on Satanism or Harry Potter – anything at all to do with the occult must never be looked at again.
If you or any family member have watched any horror, violent or porn movies you must repent and never allow yourself or anyone in your family to watch these again.
Each time you are involved with any of the above mentioned you give a legal right for demons to enter your home and torment you.