Why you SHOULD start out the New Year with FASTING

This January 8th I will do a 40 day  Media Fast. For 40 days I will be off all Social Media, TV, Movies, Internet, News, Secular Music, etc. I will then listen to my Audio Meditation Gratefulness to bring back a spirit of Praise and thankfulness into my home and heart. It’s so easy to focus on what God hasn’t done instead of focusing on what He has done.

This will be a time for me to break any demonic strongholds that have affected me and my family, a time to claim God’s promises of blessings in Isaiah 58, a time to receive a Word from God for the new year, a time to chase after God’s heart.

I love Fasting. My flesh is in pain, it doesn’t like the discipline and control that I put on it but that is precisely why I fast – to keep my flesh under God-control and remind it that it has no power over me. It is a time for God to Reveal Sin so that I might have breakthroughs. It is a time to Fast With Compassion so that God hears my prayers.

Fasting isn’t just about giving something up, it’s about bringing something in. We must use the time we’d normally be on Social Media or TV to pray, seek God and cry out in repentance. It’s not just about hurrying up and getting through the fast, it’s about hourly being aware of Christ and setting aside time just to seek His face and pray. We fast wisely.

Do you need a breakthrough?

Do you need physical or spiritual healing?

Do you need to hear the voice of God?

Does your marriage or family need restoration?

Do you need to see your family, city and country come back to God?

Do you want to chase after the heart of God?

If so, then join me in fasting in whatever way God’s Holy Spirit speaks to you and expect to see a move of God in 2021.