Why is it so important to take a Sabbath?  Why do we all need at least one day a week to be still, to reflect, to enjoy, to repose? It is important because God says it is.  It is one of the 10 Commandments. We take one day out of 7 to honor God and His command to us. We remember, we reflect and we honor God by taking one day out of the week to follow God’s example.

You see after God created, He rested.  

God wasn’t tired, God wasn’t worn out. God said –

“I can still keep creating, but I am choosing not to.  I am taking this day to reflect upon the beauty of all that I have created and now I can repose and enjoy my creation. I want man to sit back and learn to enjoy all that he has done throughout the week and to find my glory in the midst of all his labors.”

We follow God’s example because God is good, because He is faithful, because He is omnipotent, because His ways work.  If we learn to take one day  a week to reflect upon God, upon HIS goodness, upon all that we have done that week, we will find a brand new dynamic that many have lost – the art of reposing: sitting back and thinking of the beauty of God’s goodness.

What does all this have to do with leading an overcoming life? A lot. 

Many people who struggle with fear, depression, anxiety, hopeless, insecurities, family struggles and marriage problems never take the time to follow God’s command and keep the Sabbath.  This takes us out of God’s will.  It keeps us churning away, working at trying to make our lives better.

It keeps us feeling that we are under a heavy taskmaster, instead under a loving shepherd.  Pick one day, any day, and be still.  You will find not only a new blessing from God, but the blessing of peace, rest, joy and repose.  

Not keeping the Sabbath is sin.  It brings a curse upon ourselves and our families.  Often times I will counsel someone who is having a lot of problems. One of the first questions I ask them is –
“Are you keeping the Sabbath?”
Almost 100% of the time the person isn’t. I tell them that by keeping the Sabbath they honor God and they stop the curse that has been upon their life.

When my husband and I got ahold of this teaching many years ago we truly began to see a shift in our lives. We saw many more blessings. Many major problems stopped. We felt the supernatural protection of God upon our lives. It was life changing.

The blessing of peace can be found by honoring God and taking a Sabbath every week.

Now, we no longer have to have Sunday as our Sabbath. Paul tells us in the scriptures “One man thinks one day is more important than another….. let each man be fully convinced in his OWN mind.”  Rom. 14:5

Whatever day works for you to take as a Sabbath is fine, just as long as you take it.  This means not working, not stressing, not paying bills, not shopping, not doing your usual routine. On this day find things that you can do to relax, have fun, spend time with family and get outside if possible. Spending the whole day watching TV is not Godly nor is it beneficial. This is a day to relax and calm your mind, a time to repose. Ask God to show you how you can make the most of this day.

When you begin to take the Sabbath faithfully and weekly you will find a greater sense of peace and joy. You will be fulfilling one of the 10 commandments. You will find that you are blessed.