“I have been encouraged by Jackie’s teachings at our Joy in the Journey women’s Bible study.  I was especially moved by her teaching on not allowing others to take our power and depending on God’s power to give out to others.  Our lessons are the result of much prayer and preparation on Jackie’s part.  I feel the presence of the Holy Spirit during her teachings.”   

Janice W.  New Washington, Indiana


“Recently, I went through a long season filled with numerous seemingly insurmountable obstacles and difficulties.  I am grateful for the ministry teaching/prayers of Mountain Streams Healing Center.  I received encouragement, hope, and healing and a greater desire to pursue a deeper intimacy with God in the midst of personal pain and loss. I now have a renewed passion to pursue God’s heart and fulfill His calling on my life.”    

Kathy H.  Daytona Beach, Florida


“Jackie Osinski and the Mountain Streams Healing Center are a Godsend to anyone struggling with depression or negative issues in their life.  Through the Word of God, her teachings and ministry, she attacks relevant issues of the day to help us through our daily lives and to heal our souls.  In visiting her website one can find a sense of peace and healing.”    

Thomas K.  Hanover, Indiana


“I was encouraged to fast and pray for a certain amount of time in regard to some issues in my life that were bringing me down. I started doing  just that. I can honestly say that I have seen improvement. I am moving forward with my life whereas I was previously “stuck”.  I am grateful for the progress.”  
John M.    Louisville, Kentucky
“I was struggling with depression, rejection and was feeling suicidal. After reading the book  Breaking the Back of Depression and using the power verses, I felt the will to live again. Thank you Jackie for praying and encouraging me. It is no longer I that live, but Jesus that lives through me.”  
Sharon S.   South Africa