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For those who have struggled with fear this book is a must. Jackie brings fear down into bite size pieces that can be easily understood. She teaches the power tools she has used to help many overcome the vast fears which we all face each day. Finding answers based on the Power of the Holy Spirit and the amazing tools hidden in the Word of God you will finally find the key to being completely set free from the fears that you are facing and understand what you must do to live an overcoming life.


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Jackie Osinski takes us on her own personal struggle, heartaches and devastations of dealing with depression. The book opens as Jackie is a seven-year-old child trying to deal with an abusive home life. As the book progresses, we find a young woman haunted by the demonic forces of depression. It is only several years later when the Word of God is revealed to her in a dynamic new way, that she is able to find complete freedom. The tools to overcome depression are presented in a clear and understandable manner that will empower anyone willing to use the tools and overcome depression once and for all.