The Book

Jackie Osinski takes us on her own personal struggle, heartaches and devastations of dealing with depression. The book opens as Jackie is a seven-year-old child trying to deal with an abusive home life. As the book progresses, we find a young woman haunted by the demonic forces of depression. It is only several years later when the Word of God is revealed to her in a dynamic new way, that she is able to find complete freedom.
The book looks at the supernatural realm and its dark forces against humanity. The demonic realm is brought to light and its powerful onslaught against one’s mind. 

Each aspect of the healing steps necessary to overcome depression and suicide are looked at. For those who have struggled or know someone who has dealt with depression, it brings a powerful summary of what the right tools can do to bring about freedom in one’s life.

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ISBN: 9781608444007
168 pages
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