It’s OK to be Tired, Sick, Worn Out…

If you looked in my bathroom you would find every sort of natural sleep remedy.  If you looked in my bedroom you would find an assortment of specialized pillows – down, posturpedic, memory foam… I just have everything for a great nights sleep including a specialized mattress which I don’t like.  It’s crazy.  I have struggled with sleep all my life.  One of the first things I do in the morning is assess my  sleep…”That was a rough nights sleep…  or “Wow! I slept 7 hours straight!”

This morning when I woke up I was doing my usual assessing and the Holy Spirit spoke to me “Its’s OK to be tired!”  

Wow! That set me free!

Sometimes as Americans and I think particularly Believers,we feel that we always have to find solutions to everything. Then there is the  tendency to make the issue an idol.  We get sick and wonder what we ate, what we touched, how it started…. it’s not good to be so introspective. God gave us life to live …. not to continually analyze.  After the Lord spoke those words to me I found such joy.  There is FREEDOM in acceptance.



Once I was ministering at a church and a little old man came forward asking for healing for arthritis.  He went on to tell me how he had been praying for years for healing and that he had visited many churches – to no avail.  I took a few moments to be still before the Lord.  Then I told the man “God is not going to heal you.  He wants to use you IN SPITE OF YOUR DISEASE.” What did this man do?  He leaped for joy! He could finally accept who he was and what he had been given.  No more striving!

What have you been so focused on that you have been weighed down with the burden of trying to make it work?  Let it go.  Rest in the Lord. Know that He has the best for you and if it is His will it will happen in His time.

Let go of the burdens and hold on to His grace.

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