For One day STOP PRAYING – Just say Thank you!

What would your day be like if you didn’t ask God for anything but just praised Him? Spending just one day without asking God for anything is one of the most powerful things that a person can do. All day long God hears the prayers of all the earth. Why not spend just one day and just thank Him for what He has already done for you? Why not thank Him in faith for what you are believing that He will do?


There have been many occasions that I have chosen to just have a “Thanks Day” and not ask for a single thing.  There is something wonderful that transpires when this occurs – a tremendous sense of joy and hope fills my innermost being. You see often prayer is draining – a pouring forth of our innermost hurts, needs, desires and wants. Often by the end of the day I feel tired and often frustrated because I have yet to see my answers to prayer – gotta get up tomorrow and start all over again!

Praise breaks the monotony of vain repetition. Praise lifts God to His rightful place. Praise reminds us that God is still in control and He has heard all our prayers. Praise tells our mind and spirit that the answer is on the way we just need to trust and relax in the fact that God is bringing it about. I always start a new year out with a  fast of some sort. I have fasted everything from T.V. to sugar.

This year I will be fasting 30 days of prayer.  For 30 days I will not ask one thing of God – I will just praise Him in faith for the answer already coming. I will praise Him for food on the table, heat in my house, kids that are healthy and the sun that comes up each morning. This is my 3rd day of the fast and something wonderful has already happened – I feel lighter, happier, more confident in God.  Won’t you join me? You may find the joy you have been seeking for.

FOOTNOTE: Since my fast I saw many answers to prayer and a tremendous change in attitude in my life and prayer life. Answers to prayer continue to come and I find my life has a greater joy in the journey. I also feel that my faith has grown tremendously. I encourage each of you to try this for a least a few days – I believe you will find a new level of growth in your relationship with God. 

4 thoughts on “For One day STOP PRAYING – Just say Thank you!

  1. Yes Sheila, asking is so important. Yet we can make anything an idol. We can get so caught up in the “asking” that we turn God into “what He can do for us” and so easily can lose sight of the joy of the relationship. If you look at the verse “with prayer and thanksgiving” we are taught that our prayers eventually must move into praises. How? By faith. When we move into the faith level of trusting that God has already answered us we can begin to praise Him for the answer that is already on the way. After I went on this 30 day praise fast I saw amazing answers to prayer – just through “praising” in faith. My mind was refreshed, my faith renewed and I felt like a completely different person – greater peace and joy! I challenge you to praise & only praise for just 3 days… see what happens! God bless you.

  2. This is an interesting idea. I can appreciate the point, but several verses come to mind, such as: James 4:2 “Ye have not because ye ask not”; and John 16:24 “Hitherto have ye asked nothing in my name: ask, and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full.”

    This sentence, “For 30 days I will not ask one thing of God – I will just praise Him in faith for the answer already coming”, makes me wonder if I may be misunderstanding you a little bit, though.

    “Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.” Our petitions ought to be fueled by need–not greed. Our faith ought to be such that when we ask, we then rest in faith in the God who hears prayer. Perhaps the fast you describe is meant to shift our focus in that direction?

    I am still pondering this idea…I think I will be for awhile!

    Sheila 🙂

  3. I had a great fast and saw wonderful answers to prayer. I can honestly say that it has changed my life, my mind and my character. I bless you as you begin your journey. Happy praising!

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