No Wednesday Night Service

It was October of 1986 and my husband Michael and I were just finishing up the dishes before getting ready to go to the Wednesday night service at our church.  Looking through the kitchen window I noticed how dark the nights were becoming now that it was fall. Grabbing jackets we jumped into our car and began our 30 minute drive to our little country church in Sanford, Florida. As we approached our church parking lot we found it odd that all the lights were completely off. The parking lot was empty. There was not a soul around.  We found this strange as we had been in church Sunday and had not heard any announcements about canceling the Wednesday night service. 

1367074215lq7gn“God, you had a reason for bringing us out here” I thought to myself.   

“Well, I guess we’ll just head home” Michael said.

Pulling out of the church parking lot the old country road was especially dark. This part of town had no lights on the roads. We cut across the desolate highway and began to head back in the opposite direction from which we came. Immediately we saw an outline of a woman standing in the grassy median of the highway. She was trying to flag us down.

Michael pulled over to the grass strip and we both jumped out of the car.

The woman ran over to us.  She was quite upset.

“Thank you for stopping.  I was driving down the highway and saw this pregnant labrador and stopped to help her.  Someone left her in the middle of this median and she is going through labor”.  

I looked over to where the lady motioned with her hand to see a large, black labrador retriever. She was panting heavily and in the middle of labor. The poor dog looked terrified. Abandonment was written all over her. 

It was a heart rendering sight.

“What can we do to help?” Michael asked.   

“All I need is someone to help me lift her onto the bed of my pickup truck, my dad has a farm and he’ll be able to help me once I get there” replied the lady.

The three of us carefully lifted this terrified dog unto the back of the lady’s truck. She probably weighed close to 100 pounds. After thanking us, we watched as she drove off into the night.

“Michael” I said quietly “the Lord did have a plan for the Wednesday night service, it just wasn’t quite what we had in mind.

That night I saw just how precious all life is to God – whether humans or animals. He loves His creation so much that he would rearrange our entire plans for the evening so that an abandoned dog in labor could be taken care of.

 Surely God does watch over all His creatures, even those not yet born.

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