I Refuse to Argue with Shadows

That’s what I was doing – arguing with shadows.   We all do it. We have these imaginary discussions and arguments with people.  We say one thing in our minds then we imagine what they are going to say back. Back and forth, back and forth. The conversations could last for a few minutes or for quite a while.  They give us the imaginary upper hand when contending with a person.

In these scenarios we always have the right come back, the right tone, the firm answer.  Yet it’s all in our imagination. So when I began to do this the other day God stepped in and said “Stop arguing with shadows.” Shadows are just a reflection of a person. I would not waste my time having a discussion with a shadow, yet we do it in our minds with those who contend with us.  It is a ridiculous waste of time. Once I saw that, it made sense to me.


Actually arguing with shadows keeps us on the defensive. It fills our minds with contention.  It is difficult to be sensitive to the things of God when we are building shells around ourselves.

Since that day things have changed.  Each time I begin an imaginary discussion I now stop myself.  I say  “Jackie, you are just arguing with shadows. Stop wasting your time.”

Whose shadow is contending with you? What person are you just wanting to slug   with the perfect answer?  Why are you wasting your time?  Let the shadows box it out by themselves, but not on your time.

One thought on “I Refuse to Argue with Shadows

  1. I have struggled with these shadows and I have ended up being contentious even to my man and it is really annoying him. Thanks for these words and I agree with you I have decided I will stop being contentious and embrace being virtuous.

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