The Mark of God

I heard this true story many years ago. I recount it now as I recall it. If there is any information someone can add please contact me.


It was very late one evening. A young woman was making her way in a small city in the United States. She had several blocks to walk and made her way hastily. As she walked she noticed a man following her at a distance.  She picked up her pace.  He picked up his pace.  Becoming a little nervous she tried to focus on how many more blocks she needed to walk before she reached her destination. Turning her head she saw that the man was now gaining on her.  Again, she picked up her pace.

She began a slow jog, he picked up his pace and began to jog also. Now she was concerned. There was no doubt this man was planning to assault her.  She began to run.  Immediately he was on top of her. He grabbed her and began to assault her. She kicked him, hit him and scratched at him. She was a Christian and told the man “God is protecting me. You can’t hurt me.” Still the man continued to assault her – pulling at her coat, grabbing her clothes.

“Jesus help me!” was all that she knew to cry out.

Immediately the man stopped and stared at her in stunned silence.

“Lady, I don’t know who you are or what you are – but you have a cross burned in your forehead.”

One thought on “The Mark of God

  1. God has amazing ways to protect his children but a cross in the forhead is amazing. May that same cross be burned in the center of our hearts Jackie. Your articles are always a blessing to me. Thanks for continue to write them and share them with us. Praying for both of your outreach ministries that GOD has you involved in.

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